Doing something about it all

Nah, not about the extreme amount of work I do, but about the state of the world. Y’know, my computer is constantly on, but I do nothing with it. Well, does torrenting count? Is pirating anything that’s not nailed down going to help the world? ;)

If you do have any CPU you to spare, then help cure cancer. Get a copy of BOINC and do your part by contributing to the mass computing movement. Yes, it’s been out for a while. I’ve always given a bit to SETI, but really, do I care about finding aliens, or curing cancer? o_O

Hey, reminds me of that keyboarding thing, what was it? Project Dolpin -_- #abandongames totally pwnd in that. Do you have any idea how many keystrokes they recorded?? Something in the excess of 34 billion O_O

So apart from fucking around doing that, I’ve been working way too hard. I swear I’ll be 30 with grey hair -_- And then planning a birthday party this weekend. Charlotte turns two! And she knows it too, keeps running around ranting about a party with balloons and “mummy coming”, “daddy coming”, “nanny coming”.. and me going “if you don’t behave you won’t get a party!” – true mum style ;)

I also have to bake a huge chocolate cake and then either cut it and ice it or just ice it with a picture of IgglePiggle, who is the blue dude from In The Night Garden (also known as Night Darden). We’ll see how well the cake turns out…

4 thoughts on “Doing something about it all

  1. yeah, folding@home is a good one, also rosetta@home too :-) there are a lot of worthy causes out there. *huggles Oyn* ^_^

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