Whatup teh dillio!

Hmmm, so what’s the happs eh? Busy busy. I’ve been so busy that I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

I’ll probably have to withdraw from my university papers this year, as I don’t think I’m going to have enough time to study o_O With winter coming on Charlotte is getting very bored as she can’t play outside. So we have to play inside games. Gone have the days of just supervising bike riding while reading a text book. Now it’s about painting, doing puzzles and playing My Little Ponies – well, not that it isn’t fun mind. ;) I’m just worried, because I can’t keep up with everything.

It is absolutely freezing! I think winter is truly upon us. I’ve had to get the heater out, so I’m bracing myself for $400 per month power bills again. If I don’t have the heater on then everyone gets cold and sick and doctors bills go soaring. Plus, the doctor has a one week waiting time for appointments usually, and in winter it goes to about two weeks! >_< So I don’t want anyone getting sick. Even though Charlotte has a runny nose, and Dave seems to have a headcold. Better keep them warm eh. Woohoo, Friday is a public holiday! ANZAC Day. If you don’t know what ANZAC Day is then you’re a fu.. no wait, then you’re a “non-australasian”. ;) I’m looking forward to the day off. Unfortunately it’s on the day AFTER my next assignment is due, so it’s not like I can use it as an assignment day. I might try and get Thursday off as Annual Leave… we’ll see ;)

Right, so, it’s Monday and that means it is morning tea day. So hopefully someone brought in something yummy. Au revoir!

And now, a word from our users…

When someone hits an error on our site they can send an error report through to us. I thought this was an exceptionally brilliant error report from one of our site users…

From: webmaster@xxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, 6 March 2008 2:21 p.m.
To: Webmaster
Subject: Incorrect link (404)

Incorrect link

The link you gave does not work, either because the page it points to has been deleted or moved. If you clicked on a link, please inform the site’s webmaster that the link is faulty.
User message:

My SPOON is too big

Error occured 3/6/2008 2:21:10 PM
User IP
User Agent Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Url http://www.xxxxxx/templates/Page_7290.aspx
Referer (none)


Exception details: HttpException: Exception of type System.Web.HttpException was thrown.

Http status: 404 NotFound


I can’t believe it. This is all so surreal, what a dream come true eh? ;)

Sweet Valley High – the 30s years?

This is very, very accurate:

Back when some of us were of the age to be spending all our time thinking seriously about whether we should be getting behind Coke or Pepsi, and which member of Duran Duran was the dreamiest, our bookshelves wore the kicky pastel and citrus hues of Sweet Valley.

I haven’t been this excited in ages -_- I still have a whole lot of the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books at home. I think I even have some Sweet Valley Kids books o_O Or whatever it was when they were super-young.

Ahhh Elizabeth and Jessica, what are you up to now?…

Doing something about it all

Nah, not about the extreme amount of work I do, but about the state of the world. Y’know, my computer is constantly on, but I do nothing with it. Well, does torrenting count? Is pirating anything that’s not nailed down going to help the world? ;)

If you do have any CPU you to spare, then help cure cancer. Get a copy of BOINC and do your part by contributing to the mass computing movement. Yes, it’s been out for a while. I’ve always given a bit to SETI, but really, do I care about finding aliens, or curing cancer? o_O

Hey, reminds me of that keyboarding thing, what was it? Project Dolpin -_- #abandongames totally pwnd in that. Do you have any idea how many keystrokes they recorded?? Something in the excess of 34 billion O_O

So apart from fucking around doing that, I’ve been working way too hard. I swear I’ll be 30 with grey hair -_- And then planning a birthday party this weekend. Charlotte turns two! And she knows it too, keeps running around ranting about a party with balloons and “mummy coming”, “daddy coming”, “nanny coming”.. and me going “if you don’t behave you won’t get a party!” – true mum style ;)

I also have to bake a huge chocolate cake and then either cut it and ice it or just ice it with a picture of IgglePiggle, who is the blue dude from In The Night Garden (also known as Night Darden). We’ll see how well the cake turns out…