Hah, take that voh!

So he blogged about how I update my blog too much, or that I am just insane. Then I go and leave it for a few days with no updates. Or should I say a week? No, it was not intentional, I just haven’t had the time to sit and think about what I’ve been doing, I’ve just been doing it.

This week I’m on the PRINCE2 foundation course. I sit my exam today. Then there are another two days and you do the practicioner exam, but it’s Easter weekend this weekend, so that’s not going to happen. We don’t have work on Friday because it’s Good Friday. The practicioner exam is really hardcore, and you are up until 2am every night doing homework the tutor says. That seems to happen with foundation too… go figure. PRINCE2 is a project management methodology. It was developed by the UK Office of Government Commerce. I have no idea wtf that is, is that the same as the Ministry of Commerce in NZ (which is actually the Ministry of Economic Development – oo, isn’t that where we are right now?). Anyway, PRINCE2 has been adopted worldwide, it’s easy to find a job if you have your quals! But I’m not looking for another job. The Intranet Project is the first PRINCE2 project in our organisation, so I need to get my skills in line. It’s a fun course, very full on, but very fun. :) Knowing things like IP2 has some PL, and that CS1 and MP1 go together, and then you can go to DP4 at anytime… very controlled projects. PRojects IN A Controlled Environment (version 2). Go nerd it out on the net and look at some websites: prince2.org.uk, OGC – Prince2 page, PRINCE2.com and of course PRINCE2 on Wikipedia. Oh, and if you want to do a course, then I recommend finding a Crazy Colour course somewhere.

So what else has been happening? I’m finally doing my French elective papers. But I have an assignment due today. I’ve been given an extension for a few days because I am already on a course. And because it took an extra 1.5 weeks for them to get my fucking textbooks to a bookshop I could actually get to. That’s what happens when you don’t want to use your local university. I study extramurally through a university up North.

What else has been going on eh? I have been playing three games at the same time on my PSP. Maybe a huge memory card was NOT a good idea. I’m playing Valhalla Nights and Popolocrois and Lenneth: Valkyrie Profile at the same time. Oh, and Puzzle Quest as well. So four games at once. I’ve also got Gurumin (Thanks Oyn love) in there as well, and am still playing that through a second time with a different outfit on. Such a cool game.

Valkyrie Profile is a bloody random game. You just go around collecting players, levelling them up and then sending them to bloody Valhalla (wow, ironic) and they fight a war there. And then you can check on their progress fighting the war up there. Some of the levels are way too easy and some are way too hard though. And the time period thing is random and hard to understand. You give away your players and the levels get harder – go figure. There are a LOT of movies in it, more than gameplay.

Same with Popolocrois. There are a LOT of movies. But this game is soooo worth it. The attention to detail is just magnificent. Every frame is pixelart at its finest. Check out the screenshots on the official Popolocrois website.

Puzzle Quest. I’m sure this is all over the place. Didn’t they give it away free on XBLA? Or something to that effect. The game is pretty cool. :) Well, I’m enjoying it. The hardest part is capturing monsters to lock in your dungeon. ;) But it’s a great game. What a sense of humour the chick has – haha! Well, if you’re playing as a chick that is. Can you play as a dude? It’s been a long time since I started the game. Hmm, maybe I should update my Facebook page with the right games…

Valhalla Nights is just kinda boring to be honest, and very time consuming. But I can’t seem to stop playing. It is because I’m stubborn, not because the game is any good. Well, it’s not bad, but it’s just not that good either, probably is if you’re going to judge it on graphics alone. But there is nothing special about it.

What would I like? I’m still waiting for Diablo 3 to be done in Warcraft 3 style graphics. And I want it ported out to PSP :) Cheers ;)

2 thoughts on “Hah, take that voh!

  1. I have Puzzle Quest for DS, although I haven’t played it for awhile. Hrm, Diablo 3 eh? They’re too busy working on Starcraft 2 at the moment ;)

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