One duathlon down, another to go…

Wow, so I got one done. A good effort! 56m 15s.

The weather was just horrific. The wind was blowing a gale, and it was a damn headwind too for the ride. Then the running area was on a slope, so you ended up with mega-sore ankles.

There were so many women, and all shapes, sizes, ages and everything. It was brilliant. Some old bird kept overtaking me and waving cheerily, I was like “Fuck you, you smarmy bitch”… well, on the inside ;) But good on her anyway.

Clare from work did the full triathlon with the swimming in the sea. She did awesome, we made sure we were there to cheer her over the line.

Other than that whinging about the weather and the condition of the running track it was a damn awesome experience. I did quite well :) Well, I was pleased anyway. I just need to recoop my ankles and I’ll be ready to roll for the next duathlon in April.

Kick-ass! :)

One thought on “One duathlon down, another to go…

  1. “Fuck you, you smarmy bitch”… Bwahahaha! Just remember: Some day you’ll be on the receiving end of that. :D BTW, YAY for doing it, finishing it, surviving it. It’s a helluva lot more that I could do. ;)

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