Riding my new bike!

Oh, a good ride on my new bike last night :) Went from the usual possie up at the driving range all the way up to the BMX track. It was awesome!

Typical Wellington weather, had a headwind on the way up, and then when we were playing at the BMX track the wind changed to a southerly. Ugh. ;) I should know to expect that to happen!

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You’d be surprised how many people shout abuse at us and we’re riding up on the stopbank which is above and beside the highway. Or when we’re going along the river trail and people are driving along on the other side of the river. They actually shout abuse and give us the fingers. o_O So bizarre! We don’t know them, we’re nowhere near them, and they are hurling abuse. I am SO embarassed to be a New Zealander.

I really do feel for cyclists. I don’t really go on roads, I just don’t trust cars. Probably a good thing. Some people are just really cruel and so rude. They’d probably try and kill us for fun.

2 thoughts on “Riding my new bike!

  1. Map shows 7.36 miles, which I’m assuming (assuming is almost always a bad idea for me) is one way. So round trip would be 14.72 miles. That’s a good ride, especially going against the wind both ways. Oh, and I did all the math in my widdle head too! :D

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