Biking to the point (get it? ;))

God, you wouldn’t read about it… A fecking smudge on my camera lens. Ugh, what an amateur!

Dang! ;)

On Saturday we went for a ride around Pencarrow point, out around the bottom of the north island there, around the headlands. What a brilliant time! I haven’t done that ride since I was about 13. That was the same day I fell down the bank and slit my leg open on that dead tree. I still have a wicked scar on my leg which gets people talking – ewww. ;)

Next week I should have my new mountainbike, so that will be a bit easier. It’s a GT, so it’s a good one, with more gears and better suspension. I still can’t get full suspension as long as I need to cart Charlotte on the occasional piggy-back ride. But I’m looking forward to it!

So it was a long ride. I think you ride about 1.3x the equivalent of your distance when you’re riding through deep gravel. It’s like riding through sand. You feel the burn ;) Especially when it’s so stinking hot, it was 28 degrees!

So as we were heading south we were riding into a headwind, a very nice Wellington southerly wind. And then when we stopped for lunch we had this still heat. It was SO hot. But it was just beautiful. So we rest, eat, play on the rocks, go rock pooling and then head back – as the wind changes! So riding into the wind again ;)

But the view is just beautiful, well, totally stunning really. You get out past the harbour heads and just look south to untouched ocean. And then a big fucking container ship goes past. It was really interesting to watch this little speck on the horizon get bigger, and bigger, and bigger and then it was HUGE! The Interislander went past a few times too (which is the big ferry between the islands). All the land there is not inhabited. The amount of land you can see both on this side and the other side of the harbour – amazing. And only a small part of it is inhabited, so Wellington looks very insignificant in comparison to its surroundings.

I like that there was land we were seeing which had never ever had a human standing on it. :)

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3 thoughts on “Biking to the point (get it? ;))

  1. Awesome sights. The lighthouse is cool. Can you explore inside it? What’s that multi-legged thing? It looks like an octopus, but it has way too many legs.

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