Round the bays we go!

Wow, it’s amazing how you feel the pain after you push yourself too hard. I am a bit nervous because I know it’s not the day after which hurts the most, but the day after that. So bring on tomorrow, when I won’t be even able to get out of bed!! :)

So, Round the Bays went really well :) I’m pleased with how I did. It took a while for everything to start because there were so many people (over 10,000 people). Once you had managed to get past the crowds you were on your way. But you do end up with about a 20-30 minute delay waiting for the crowds! I reckon I got around the 50% mark, so around 5500th. That’d make sense. There are about 3000 who do the full running hardcore-marathon types. I bet they totally pwnd it. I was with a second group who were going kinda slower and just enjoying it. I also stopped to take a few photos! :P Was a good morning out. Dave and Charlotte met me at the end. Next year we’re going to go in it together, Charlotte will be old enough to walk at least most of the distance. There were many children, lots of prams, wheel chairs, old people, walking sticks, small kids on little push-bikes. It was a good day out for a whole heap of people.

I think things get a bit more competitive the weekend after next when I have the triathlon. Should be a bit freaky ;) I’m looking forward to it though. Dave isn’t, because he has to sit around and guard my stuff and look after my bike between the race legs. Being a caddy isn’t any fun apparently. But we do get to go out for lunch (gotta put back on the kilo’s that running loses.. pffft o_O). I’m looking forward to it!

Now, if I could just figure out how to get these photos from my phone to my computer, then I could upload them.

EDIT: Here are some photos, and I have also created another Picasa album. (God, the photos are fucking awful, bloody cellphone).

One thought on “Round the bays we go!

  1. When you get up tomorrow; S-T-R-E-T-C-H
    Out of 10,000 entries I would’ve finished 10,023rd. ;)

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