A promotion!

Yay, I got the new job. :) When I say to people at work that I got the new job they freak, cos they think I’m leaving! But no, I got a new job at work. Well, that kinda means that I get a huge raise and a new job title, but keep doing what I’m doing. :) Very coolies huh? You can read the job description on the MED website.

So that’s great for my career. I am now the Intranet Manager, which gives me a lot more say on what’s going to happen with the intranet project. But also means that I get to make some more strategic decisions around what we can do, and more decisions for my team. I have the bestest team! ^_^

So, that’s really been keeping me busy – working hard. I had my interview about 2 weeks ago, and got confirmed last week. So I officially start with my new title on Monday. Great stuff. I have been avoiding getting business cards printed cos I’ve always hated my previous titles! ;) This is my second promotion in this job, and I have only been at MED for about 16 months.

Anyway, now it is time for me to go to bed. Nighty… xxx

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