Martinborough Fair

Yesterday Aunty Rae, Charlotte, Mum and I went to the Martinborough Fair. It was a brilliant day! Kept raining on and off, but that wasn’t so bad. It had been so hot and dry that everything has been yellow instead of green around here.

We got some cool things. Not a lot, but a handbag and some stuff for Charlotte. And had a fun lunch. Bumped into Marie, Stephen and Caleb :) And into Steven’s dad, and also some other people I know. A lot of people flock over there for the fair. So many people infact that the cars span right out of town. You have to get there quite early otherwise you can’t park in the town and you end up having to walk miles to get there. They have started having the fair in the first weekend in March as well as the first weekend in February, because it’s just so popular.

Martinborough is a beatiful town out in the Wairarapa. It is very, erm, I don’t know the word – picturesque? It has beautiful old buildings. And I just had a brilliant time. What a good fair. Next weekend is the Petone fair, which is also very fun, but not as fun! ;)

2 thoughts on “Martinborough Fair

  1. Yeah, and some silly bitch got in the way when I took the photo. I took the photo from the car too, so it wasn’t like I could just wait for her to move. When I saw the photo I was like AWWWWW BIIIATTTCH. ;)

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