Riding my new bike!

Oh, a good ride on my new bike last night :) Went from the usual possie up at the driving range all the way up to the BMX track. It was awesome!

Typical Wellington weather, had a headwind on the way up, and then when we were playing at the BMX track the wind changed to a southerly. Ugh. ;) I should know to expect that to happen!

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You’d be surprised how many people shout abuse at us and we’re riding up on the stopbank which is above and beside the highway. Or when we’re going along the river trail and people are driving along on the other side of the river. They actually shout abuse and give us the fingers. o_O So bizarre! We don’t know them, we’re nowhere near them, and they are hurling abuse. I am SO embarassed to be a New Zealander.

I really do feel for cyclists. I don’t really go on roads, I just don’t trust cars. Probably a good thing. Some people are just really cruel and so rude. They’d probably try and kill us for fun.

Biking to the point (get it? ;))

God, you wouldn’t read about it… A fecking smudge on my camera lens. Ugh, what an amateur!

Dang! ;)

On Saturday we went for a ride around Pencarrow point, out around the bottom of the north island there, around the headlands. What a brilliant time! I haven’t done that ride since I was about 13. That was the same day I fell down the bank and slit my leg open on that dead tree. I still have a wicked scar on my leg which gets people talking – ewww. ;)

Next week I should have my new mountainbike, so that will be a bit easier. It’s a GT, so it’s a good one, with more gears and better suspension. I still can’t get full suspension as long as I need to cart Charlotte on the occasional piggy-back ride. But I’m looking forward to it!

So it was a long ride. I think you ride about 1.3x the equivalent of your distance when you’re riding through deep gravel. It’s like riding through sand. You feel the burn ;) Especially when it’s so stinking hot, it was 28 degrees!

So as we were heading south we were riding into a headwind, a very nice Wellington southerly wind. And then when we stopped for lunch we had this still heat. It was SO hot. But it was just beautiful. So we rest, eat, play on the rocks, go rock pooling and then head back – as the wind changes! So riding into the wind again ;)

But the view is just beautiful, well, totally stunning really. You get out past the harbour heads and just look south to untouched ocean. And then a big fucking container ship goes past. It was really interesting to watch this little speck on the horizon get bigger, and bigger, and bigger and then it was HUGE! The Interislander went past a few times too (which is the big ferry between the islands). All the land there is not inhabited. The amount of land you can see both on this side and the other side of the harbour – amazing. And only a small part of it is inhabited, so Wellington looks very insignificant in comparison to its surroundings.

I like that there was land we were seeing which had never ever had a human standing on it. :)

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Midweek madness…

Oh wow, what a week…

So my promotion got confirmed on Monday, which is awesome. Followed closely by recovering from sore hips, which was nearly as awesome. Also getting a major project signed off with funding, nearly as awesome as the sore hips…

This week I have bright red nail polish on. People are looking at me like I’m a hooker. I think it’s bloody brilliant. Well, not being a hooker, but having bright red nails. ;) My toenails also are matching, just so cool… Charlotte goes “red nails mummy” and wants them too, but mum looked a bit menacing when I said maybe. I think Nannie might be upset if I paint her nails – let alone painting them red.

Crikey. The new trampoline is on the Ute and it looks just fucking cool. Because this one is a twin-cab rather than a single cab the trampoline is a little bit smaller and is nearly completely square. This means it actually works better. There is a shit-show that it’ll bottom out on the tray. I’ve jumped on it as hard as I can and it’s working really well. Charlotte is a big-time fan. :) She’s no good at saying trampoline so it comes as out “boing-boing”.

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy IX still on my PSP. I’m up to disc 4, and have done all the Chocobo quests and managed to save Mognet. But I’m still going around the Lifa Tree. So it’s nearly over. Then I can play some more games. God knows I have a shitload of PSP roms to get through.

I’m a bit boring because I’m super-exhausted. I think I need to take a nap. Maybe later when I get home, but I do have to train – oh, the thought is just too much. O_O

Round the bays we go!

Wow, it’s amazing how you feel the pain after you push yourself too hard. I am a bit nervous because I know it’s not the day after which hurts the most, but the day after that. So bring on tomorrow, when I won’t be even able to get out of bed!! :)

So, Round the Bays went really well :) I’m pleased with how I did. It took a while for everything to start because there were so many people (over 10,000 people). Once you had managed to get past the crowds you were on your way. But you do end up with about a 20-30 minute delay waiting for the crowds! I reckon I got around the 50% mark, so around 5500th. That’d make sense. There are about 3000 who do the full running hardcore-marathon types. I bet they totally pwnd it. I was with a second group who were going kinda slower and just enjoying it. I also stopped to take a few photos! :P Was a good morning out. Dave and Charlotte met me at the end. Next year we’re going to go in it together, Charlotte will be old enough to walk at least most of the distance. There were many children, lots of prams, wheel chairs, old people, walking sticks, small kids on little push-bikes. It was a good day out for a whole heap of people.

I think things get a bit more competitive the weekend after next when I have the triathlon. Should be a bit freaky ;) I’m looking forward to it though. Dave isn’t, because he has to sit around and guard my stuff and look after my bike between the race legs. Being a caddy isn’t any fun apparently. But we do get to go out for lunch (gotta put back on the kilo’s that running loses.. pffft o_O). I’m looking forward to it!

Now, if I could just figure out how to get these photos from my phone to my computer, then I could upload them.

EDIT: Here are some photos, and I have also created another Picasa album. (God, the photos are fucking awful, bloody cellphone).

Party on Wayne… (Webstock08)

Jeebus, it was bloody awesome. Webstock 08 was awesome – w00t!

I got to network with some of my friends and colleagues in the Wellington web word and enjoyed some great speakers and seminars. It was really cool.

Molly Holzschlag was just brilliant. I love her open honesty – bluntness if you will. There is nothing I respect more than someone calling a spade a spade. She unveiled the W3C and what goes on there. It brought home unfortunate truths about what happens when you have a small group of specialists making the decisions. Imagine the development HTML5. You end up with a very few making decisions about something which effects not only every person out there who is a webby, but all the companies in the browser business. Her main focus was on why web standards aren’t a standard. She gave a very though provoking presentation, but left me feeling a little bit bewildered and helpless – we have no control. The web is supposed to be this big “free medium” but it also has stooped politics at the top as well, just like any company or government. It’s quite depressing. But she was awesomely inspirational too! Such a powerful woman. :)

I really enjoyed the speech given on the final day by Damian Conway. God, the guy is just magnificent. What a stage presence! He ranted all around the place about how we can keep the Morlooks from taking over the web – the top tips for making your site as un-usable as possible. It was positively brilliant! I wish I had a knack for public speaking like him. Plus it was also educational, what he said was very relevant. It’s painful watching smart people using the web and not being able to accomplish small tasks because web designers and developers are completely thoughtless. We really need to step back and think about usability. And use our grandparents as our test subjects.

I guess the one thing I don’t like about Webstock is the nerdy pretentious yuppy wannabes. The place was crawling with sleazy up-and-coming yuppies, all pawning all over their latest Blackberry or iPhone. So many people were whipping out a MacBook or MacBook Pro whenever they were in a seat. Most of the time not doing anything but being a bloody showoff. You could see them looking around to see who was watching them. I was in the Illot Theatre listening to someone talk and I’m in this crowd of Macs. This guy pulls out his one and holds it up and goes “We’re in the fanboy corner!”. Gah. I had to move! I love Apple, I really would like an AppleBook, but for fuck sake – ugh. He had this retarded grin on his face and spent the entire time playing around with Photoshop instead of listening to what the person was saying. And changing his desktop pictures – saw a few people doing that. Oh, and Twitter, don’t get me started on Twitter. I just had to open an account on Twitter after all the talk about it. Like anyone gives a flying fuck what you’re doing at Webstock… or that you’re on the toilet, about to bake a cake, or have just bought a diet coke from the local dairy. Bloody hell *rolls eyes*. I could see it being a useful tool for monitoring a service, but I will never subscribe to anyone’s updates, cos I couldn’t care less. If I want to know what you’re doing right now I’m going to text you, and if you’re not worth the 20c to text you then I really couldn’t give a crap. So yes, pretentious arrogant nerds really fuck me off. They’re not any better than the CEO they mock for driving his $250,000 Porsche into the car park. They are supposedly so “intelligent” but can’t seem to see the similarities between themselves and those they piss-take.

So arrogant twat-nerds aside, it was a brilliant time. There were lots of lessons learnt, about OpenID, social networking, Web 2.0, innovation, workflows, strategy, publishing, writing, usability and a whole host of other things. All the seminars and presentations are available free to download on the Webstock website, if you didn’t get to make it, or are really interested in webby stuff then you should check it out (the OpenID stuff was fascinating).

I have created a Flickr album for these photos. They are kinda crap, the lighting was shit and I was way too busy to take many.

A promotion!

Yay, I got the new job. :) When I say to people at work that I got the new job they freak, cos they think I’m leaving! But no, I got a new job at work. Well, that kinda means that I get a huge raise and a new job title, but keep doing what I’m doing. :) Very coolies huh? You can read the job description on the MED website.

So that’s great for my career. I am now the Intranet Manager, which gives me a lot more say on what’s going to happen with the intranet project. But also means that I get to make some more strategic decisions around what we can do, and more decisions for my team. I have the bestest team! ^_^

So, that’s really been keeping me busy – working hard. I had my interview about 2 weeks ago, and got confirmed last week. So I officially start with my new title on Monday. Great stuff. I have been avoiding getting business cards printed cos I’ve always hated my previous titles! ;) This is my second promotion in this job, and I have only been at MED for about 16 months.

Anyway, now it is time for me to go to bed. Nighty… xxx

American Car show

On Sunday (3rd) Dave, Charlotte and I went to the American Car show at Trentham Racecourse. It was awesome. We also went up with Ricky, Casey and two other people I only just met. We kept losing them in the crowds though and every time we found them they were in line buying ice cream!

There are just so many photos I had to upload them to my Cars picasa album. Oh, it was a great day. Toooo stinking hot though! I had a wonderful day again :D Looking at all these brilliant cars. A few of them dave has worked on doing interiors n stuff. Also, his boss had a car there too, the Chevy Malibu. Nice car.

I totally loved the AC Cobra (even if it was a replica). What a bloody brilliant day.

Martinborough Fair

Yesterday Aunty Rae, Charlotte, Mum and I went to the Martinborough Fair. It was a brilliant day! Kept raining on and off, but that wasn’t so bad. It had been so hot and dry that everything has been yellow instead of green around here.

We got some cool things. Not a lot, but a handbag and some stuff for Charlotte. And had a fun lunch. Bumped into Marie, Stephen and Caleb :) And into Steven’s dad, and also some other people I know. A lot of people flock over there for the fair. So many people infact that the cars span right out of town. You have to get there quite early otherwise you can’t park in the town and you end up having to walk miles to get there. They have started having the fair in the first weekend in March as well as the first weekend in February, because it’s just so popular.

Martinborough is a beatiful town out in the Wairarapa. It is very, erm, I don’t know the word – picturesque? It has beautiful old buildings. And I just had a brilliant time. What a good fair. Next weekend is the Petone fair, which is also very fun, but not as fun! ;)