Abandonware Torrents… it might just work!

Abandonware Torrents eh? There is only one torrent on there, and I am trying to leech and seed, but there’s a waiting period, just like ScT or IPT or one of those other trackers. So I’m waiting before I can leech it.

Kinda gotta toss up if I should add it to AP, I think it’s a good site, and a novel concept, however the games/torrents don’t have reviews or screen shots or anything. I see no reason why you can’t make an abandonware site that has torrent downloads, but still provide all the information people may need. The Torrent script is quite versatile I would hope.

Then you run into that issue of people adding the torrents themselves, do they have to provide all supporting information? And what are you going to do to assure your readers that they can actually download the game? Well, you could rely on me seeding, cos I’m willing to do it. But I wonder if people would want to wait to download a file from my 128kb? It’s one of those cases where all the community need to rally together and provide the files for people to download. I think to get the full benefit of widespread seeding you’d probably need to make it a public tracker and remove all the wait times.

Not having to worry about file hosting must be nice. Maybe once this tracker really does take off there will be tons of downloads and seeding around the world of abandonware. And then other abandonware sites can just link to the game Abandonware Torrents instead of having to worry about illegal file hosting. Then that would create even more seeding. Abandonware sites would become like Iso Hunt or Torrentz. As long as the webmaster kept up with removing all torrents from Abandonware Torrents if the game lost its abandonware status.

It’s a great concept, I could see it working. I’m going to do my part and download and seed whatever is uploaded, plus I’ll upload as much as I possibly can too. It’s fun to experiment :)

Webstock 2008

I was looking forward to Webstock 2008 already, but with the announcement of the PowerPoint Karaoke Idol, I’m much keener!

It’s at the end of the first day of Webstock. The rules are few, three speakers get up on a stage, and they have to talk to a PowerPoint presentation. There are 12 slides per presentation, and each slide is up for 15 seconds. None of the contenstants have seen the slides before and have to just… roll with it. :)

There’s an Aussie vs. American vs. Kiwi, which should make it even more exciting. Go Nat Torkington! New Zealand will take the cup. ;)

The full programme of Webstock 2008 looks quite interesting. I was one of the first people to register, so I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. It is pretty decently priced considering how many people are talking from all over the world. Something like $900?

There are so many conflicting things I want to see! I really want to see Shawn Henry and Rachel McAlpine at the same time. However, I’ll be delivering her course here at MED, so maybe I should see Shawn Henry. Hmm… We’ll see on the day ;)

There is a Secret Session after lunch on Day 1. I hate it when they do that. It takes a while to run between the theatres if you discover you didn’t want to see that one.

I’m looking forward to seeing Sam Morgan again Day 1. He’s the guy who created Trademe and then sold it for like $600 million. Good lad ;)

Day 2, hmm… what to see. I will probably go and see Jill Whalen, as she’s going to be talking about search, and meta-tagging, keywords etc. That’s definitely something I am interested in. I’ve been doing a lot of research into Dublin Core at the moment.

I’d like to see Chris DiBona, he’s the open-source man from Google. But it’s not as interesting as the other two. The other two are a toss-up indeed. Dan’s talking about adding the “WOW” factor to websites and Amy is talking about usability and how you can use it to make people do what you want. She’s probably who I’ll go and see ;)

There are also other speakers I’m looking forward to hearing and catching up with again. Russell Brown from Public Address is awesome. He’s also going to be talking about broadband in NZ, which should be interesting. Ha-ha. Also Damian Conway is going to be talking web 2.0, and he’s going to slam it, so that should be a good one.

The Webstock team are wonderful. They still run the Friday newsletter, with all the vacancies in the nerd-world. Plus they do lots of events during the year which I always attend. Brilliant stuff. It’s all part of the nerd-network in Wellington.

Run or walk for your life!

A high of 24 degrees I heard today! That should be nice and warm. Thank God, because it’s been miserable the last couple of days – warm but miserable. My awesome weather source is the Stokes Valley weather station. That means I should be able to go for a mountain bike ride tonight!

Oh oh, got a new ute. Managed to score a twin-cab Toyota Hilux o_O 1995 so it’s one year older than my last one, and has had about $3,000 spent on it, so it’s got all new brakes, fuel lines, cv’s, clutch, tyres, rear bumper and a whole lot of other engine stuff. So it’s brilliant. A good score for a lot less than $3,000 too! It’s definitely who you know eh? The reason the old Hilux had to go was it was about to blow, you could tell ;) Plus, a single cab didn’t work when you had a car seat and a baby. So we flicked it off before it died. Very excited, it’ll arrive in the next few days. Now I can just throw my bike on the back, yes, motorbike OR bicycle and go wherever I need to go. I don’t need to worry about taking off my mountain bikes wheels and all that crap and trying to fit it in the back of my Subaru. I should also add that my Impreza has impressive boot space, I can fold down the seats and fit in 2 mountain bikes AND 1 BMX. And that includes not being able to fold down the seat that has the car seat on it, plus the subwoofer box in the boot. So there you go, if you want a spacious Subaru get an Impreza, or maybe you should get a Legacy. I think a Legacy station wagon would have much more room. Plus you can get a twin-turbo one which goes pretty dang fast. Not quick, just fast. The B4 sedans are pretty damn hot; I’d love one of those. You know what this means though? It means that once the crank has been replaced and the engine put back into the Mazda it can go on Trademe and be sold. Yes, it’s going to be sold -_- The engine is new, was completely rebuilt and only went for 5000 km before the damn crank went. It’s being fixed under guarantee, but still, sucks eh. There goes more money being poured in. The engine had to be taken out and sent back to Nick’s up north to get repaired. It’s way fast, and a really special car, but it’s just a pain in the arse. It’s wonderful when it’s going, but ugh. Be glad to see the back of it. Hopefully someone from far away will buy it so we don’t see it driving around in the street and cry a lot and miss it and try and steal it back. I’d hate to see someone else driving it :(

I have a fun run coming up. I’m unsure if they have those overseas, well, I’m sure they do, but I don’t know what they call them. This is the 2008 Vector Wellington Round the Bays fun run. I am a Plunket supporter and collector so I do all the stuff at the malls for them and fundraising etc. So it makes sense that I should do the fun run eh. 7km isn’t that long anyway :) It’ll be on the 17th February. Should be awesome, there are normally a couple thousand people who take part :) And there is a huge party at the other end. I still am training for the duathlon in April too.

I’m finding it very hard to get anything done because of Charlotte. I get home at 5pm and I have to cook dinner, entertain her, play with her and by the time she’s had her bath, gone to bed, everyone is fed and everything is clean it’s like, 7.30pm. Then the last thing I feel like doing is going for a run or cycling, especially because I have eaten by then too. Maybe I need to be less lazy and just do it ;) I guess I could do that sort of stuff in the morning and start work later, but then I wouldn’t get home until about 8pm and I would only get to see Charlotte on weekends, definitely not the ideal solution. I think I’m going to have to start training at night, but it’ll be winter and dark at that time soon. Better do as much while it’s still safe and light. :) Moan, whinge, not enough hours in the day, moan. It’s not Charlotte’s fault, I love to play with her and stuff. One day she’ll be old enough to do these things with me :) Then we can go for ice cream afterwards, to defeat the purpose ;)

I shouldn’t have worn a cardigan on a day like today, I’m sorely regretting it. I only have a singlet top on underneath and I can’t really walk around work in a singlet, it’s not very formal. It’s a wife-beater one o_O if you don’t know what that means you should Google it. Oh well, rolling up my sleeves a bit helps ;) and wearing bare feet cools me down some.

Back to work, time to update AP!

Mmm apply goodness

This is a just yummy recipe :)

Sugar Free Please – APPLE STRUDEL.

I get a lot of recipes from this site, having to eat sugar-free ‘n all. I made some apple strudel tonight and served with vanilla ice cream. It’s shame I couldn’t put sultana’s in it, but it was nice.

I also made some more bacon and egg pie for dave to take to lunch for the next week, plus also some pikelets for Charlotte to take for morning tea.

So it was a nice evening of cooking, and not even 8pm and I’m already sitting down to do some blogging ;)

Just incase you wanna be gay and go do some baking to send to my house, or cook for me, here are some of my favourite bookmarks ;)

Bottles, spiders, social networking and a patridge in a pear tree

So, I’ve been dabbling a lot in social media, RSS and other assorted things a lot recently. I’m bringing together a whole lot of knowledge, research, reports, white papers and other assorted things regarding the “web 2.0″ . I need to develop some documentation and cases for work. We are redeveloping the intranet and I really want to introduce social networking and a more collaborative way for people to work. I think it’s very important. And probably not just where I work, but across government as well. I think agencies need to collaborate and network more effectively. Things like RSS, Facebook, linkedin etc for workplaces can add a lot of value. Wow, nerdy ;)

Where I was going with that was that you can now subscribe properly to the RSS feeds from here and Bunny Abandonware, because I put in some links to them n stuff.

What else? I updated BA, yay. I also have some other games I’m working on. John found me a really good proggie for screenshots. I used to just use the built in DOSBox capture, but it came out with these tiny little pictures. Irfanview takes big screenshots, with all the right colours and everything. We must have tried about 10 different applications and then he pointed that one out and it was like WOOHOO! Thanks John <3 :)

Hexie also updated Bunny Abandonware. He did a most excellent review. Thanks Hexie. That’s an awesome review, you also write nice and informally, very cool ;) It’s nice to share something you love with someone so special too. BA couldn’t be in better hands.

Was enjoying my breakfast yesterday and this spider crawled out from under my chair and across the floor. Even the dog panicked and backed away. Charlotte went for it but I got her away just in time! It’s a fecking White Tail spider. Notorious for trying to murder children and old peoples. How it was in the house I’m not sure, we have lots of daddy long-legs to keep them away. But he got in, and he was a pretty decent size too. >_<

I got a video of mum squishing it too. ;)

Mum K had her operation yesterday. They removed a growth/tumour thingy from her throat. She’s a bit of a heavy smoker, and I think she’s finally going to quit. The growth they removed was about 5cm in diameter, that’s quite large. Now she can breathe again easily and her talking is already a lot better. It’s just amazing. I’m surprised she’s allowed to talk, but she can. She’s not allowed to sing or yell or whisper though :) I’m glad she’s okay. Went around there this morning and had a chat to her and took Charlie. Charlotte was so glad to see Nana that I had to wrestle her into the car to come home. We would have walked over (it’s like a 3 minute walk) but it’s raining here in Wellington. And I had to go past this other place I know of and take a photo. It’s usually dark or I don’t have my camera when I go past, and it is SO photo-worthy!

Y’know how you can put a bottle of water on your lawn to keep your lawn free from random stray animals going for a crap on it? Well, this person was very concerned with keeping their lawn nice, so nice and uncluttered isnt it…

Note: they usually do have their lawn mowed nice and short and tidy.

Heaven forbid a dog might crap on their lawn and make it look bad!


Oh, and I just found a photo I had to take to proove that I have the smallest DVD collection in NZ:


Heros: The Sanguine Seven

Just wanted to see how easy it was to flick stuff from Bunny Abandonware to here :)

You and your band of heroes need to save Megalopolis from five dangerous criminals who have done a prison break. Battle through the streets (well, a strange city of platforms and ladders and keys) and get them baddies. Initally when this game was released in 1993, a publisher picked the game up and it was released as shareware. It is now freeware.

read more | digg story

p.s. Heros instead of Heroes o_O

R.I.P Sir Edmund Hillary

It is a sad day for NZ, when one of our heroes passes away. Sir Ed was a legend! The first man to ever climb Mount Everest back in 1953.

Interesting fact? Sir Ed was a beekeeper before he became a mountaineer and general outdoorsy man.

We have him on our $5 note. He really has made a significant contribution to New Zealand, getting us on the map. But also here in NZ he has the outdoor camps (Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre) and promotes getting out and about. A UNICEF ambassador, and doing a lot of work in Nepal. He also does the VSA (volunteer service abroad) which gets people overseas to work in poor countries providing aid.

I was lucky enough to go to the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre (also known as OPC) when I was 17. We did a lot of hiking, abseiling, team-building, extreme sports, orienteering, snowboard, mountain climbing, etc Getting youth to engage in activities to increase self-esteem and build awareness of our environment. It was really hard to save up for though, my mother was a solo mother and it wasn’t cheap (like, many hundreds and hundreds of dollars)!

I’ve been outside. All the flags outside my building and down at parliament are half-mast. I guess it had to happen, he hadn’t been too well. He was 88 after all.

I hope that one day I can say I lived a fulfilled life and accomplished great things like he did. Maybe not climb any mountains, but at least conquer some things :)

Here are some photos which I took from outside the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (next door to MED where I work). They have a big $5 note in their window. Today it had a black banner around it and a flower and tributes to Sir Ed. I thought it was really touching. Excuse the quality, I had to use my phone as I left my digital camera at home (grrr).

Read a story and timeline on Sir Ed’s Life on NZ Herald.

I Dig Dugged this article….

Popuri.us – An interesting resource

popuri.us :: quickly check your site’s Google PageRank, Techonorati, Alexa Rank and more!

So I’m blogging this form inside ScribeFire, which is an addon for Firefox.  I wanted to see what it would do.  So far so good? 

I also managed to post from a Digg post.  That was cool :)  I really would like to be able to have WordPress tacked into the Sharaholic extension for Firefox though, as that’s just a brillinat add-on!

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