Teh Sevens!

The Seven’s is one of the biggest events of the year for Wellington. There are some amazing costumes. A few years ago it used to be about the rugby, but now it’s about the costumes (and who can be the drunkest slut this side of the Beehive). There are some totally outrageous costumes! A group of people went past my work today dressed in banana suits. There are oompa-loompa’s, drag queens, giant babies, all kinds of things.

I even saw in the paper a man who was dressed in a big cardboard transformer suit. And when he lay down it looked like a car and when he stood up it looked like a robot. He wasn’t allowed into the stadium. 10 points for trying mate.

On the Thursday before the Seven’s weekend there is a big parade down Lambton Quay. Here are some photos for those who work at the other end of town (or the world):

And there are more photos over in my Out and About picasa photo album.

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