Website first casualty of controversial election law

The Electoral Finance Act has claimed its first scalp after a 21-year-old was obliged to take down his website when the Electoral Commission said it breached election rules by not including his name and address.

The Electoral Finance Act is dangerous! It is a breach of democracy and free speech for all New Zealand. We cannot publish anything anywhere (web, leaflets, newspapers) without express written permission by certain people, and we have to publish our names, addresses, all contact details. We have lost our ability to support our candidates. We can’t donate money, we can’t do anything!

The worst this is not being able to say what we want. We can’t even stand on the corner and tell people who to vote for. It’s dangerous and it’s the beginning of a slippery slope…

So much for free speech for all of New Zealand. Democracy. My. Fucking. Arse!

MMP, Labour, Greens and these laws are damaging this country. It’s a bloody dictatorship merged with a communist regime mashed up into some sort of inbred nasty dictatornist regime. I would set up a website too if it didn’t breach my Code of Conduct because I work for the public service. I should do it anyway.

Last election the Labour government used $800,000 of taxpayers fund illegaly to get pamphlets printed and sent to every single house in the country. And the Bretheren Church did the same thing for the National party. When they discovered the parties were stealing taxpayers money they made them all pay it back, and Labour didn’t want to so they passed a bill making it LEGAL. A nasty bill which would cover all that had happened to date. Now this new law has been passed saying that nobody is allowed to have pamphlets or publications made for them. Do you see how dangerous the Labour government is? First they make their illegal things legal, now they take away everyones right to vocally support their candidates.

We also have this horrible system called MMP. Where a party can still govern even if it didnt get enough votes. All it has to do is get a few of the minor parties on board and form a coalition which is bigger than the votes the opposition got. Labour have been teaming up with the Greens and some other stoopid parties in the last elections to get them more collective votes than the National party. The thing is, to get the coalitions they draw up “agreements” (yes, contracts) with the other parties saying “we promise to put forward these policies of yours”. So a party like the Greens gets their bills put forward to parliament and Labour supports them, cos otherwise they violate the agreement and lose the coalition and lose their power. So we end up with MP’s from the Greens which NOBODY EVEN VOTED FOR pushing through bills that NOBODY WANTS like the “Anti-smacking Law” and other assorted bollocks nobody wants.

This government is so dangerous it’s not even funny. I dread to think what they will do next.

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3 thoughts on “Website first casualty of controversial election law

  1. Some day we need to sit down so you can explain to me how your government works. Or maybe I’ll wait and get one of the ‘Little Red Books’ they will likely be passing out soon. Seriously, it’s getting scary!

  2. Hi,

    you are dead right on the issue of MMP.

    “So we end up with MP’s from the Greens which NOBODY EVEN VOTED FOR pushing through bills that NOBODY WANTS like the “Anti-smacking Law”

    Absolutely dead right.

  3. From the guy himself! Thank you!
    I’m sorry that you were the first victim. Unfortunately you can rest assured knowing you won’t be the last… :(

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