I’ve killed the twins… twice!

Freaky. This photo was taken during a cooking session on the 21st Jan 08:

This was taken during a shortbread backing session on the 27th Jan 08:

How freaky is that? The odds of getting one egg with two yolks is probably pretty rare. But the odds of getting TWO within a week? O_O WOW!

The shortbread was yummy too ;)

One thought on “I’ve killed the twins… twice!

  1. …..and you didn’t even share >:(
    Oh well, I’ll just have to get my shortbread from a box….as always.
    (way, way)Back in the days of farm fressh eggs, it wasn’t uncommon to find double-yolkers. I think it was the something in the chicken feed. But yeah, to find two in one week from these days is probably rare. And look, you saved on eggs. ;)

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