Police chase villains who stapled keas to road sign

Police and the Department of Conservation (DOC) are appealing for information that will help them catch the sadists who stapled two Kea to a road sign in Arthur’s Pass.

Members of the public spotted the birds about 10km outside of Arthur’s Pass National Park three days ago.

This is totally awful, who would do that to two lovely parrot like birds? :(

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4 thoughts on “Police chase villains who stapled keas to road sign

  1. I hope they find the blighters! >:( Two wrongs don’t make a right, but maybe in this case we can make an exception and staple their worthless hides to a sign. ;)
    Only 3,000 kea left in the whole world? Wow! I hope someone comes up with a plan to help propogate the species.

  2. well, they are native to NZ, and flightless too, so…..

    They are kinda doomed. They lay their eggs on the ground and they get eaten by possums and ferrets and stuff. Both of which are “unnative” and introduced by the English.

    Plus, the little babies are hatched and live on the ground and get eaten by dogs, ferrets etc. It’s not safe for flightless birds in NZ anymore. They used to be safe cos our country was so empty back then it was all birds, we didnt have rabbits, ferrits, dogs, stoats, possums or anything until England brought them over. Now all these flightless birds are endangered. Especially the Kiwi.

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