I’m in heaven! :D

Wow, amazing stuff. Yesterday at home the weather was over 36°C. Yes, OVER. That temperature was taken from on the hill, imagine how hot it was down on the valley floor, especially in the little nook in Naenae that I live in. It was an apparent temperature of about 38°C, so it would easily have been over 40 degrees at my house. My house faces North so you are protected from any wind and get extra sun. I can’t remember the last time it was cooler in the house than outside! I was going to for a run but it was like UGH, I couldn’t even move. I had sweat running down my arms and legs and was watching it dripping off my heel onto the concrete.

It was brilliant! ^_^

Today in the office is another story. I’m on the East side of the floor, and the sun rises on the East here. There is no air circulating here, there is no breeze, there are no windows to open, cos the walls are all glass. It’s SO hot. The temperature gauge says it’s 26.7°C. That’s way too hot to work in >_< I'm drinking lots of water, which means I get to go into the cooler concrete stairwell often as I keep needing to go to the bathroom. With all the computers being turned on and more people coming in, the temperature is rising. Plus, the day is getting warmer. It's going to get unbearable here at work. I wish we had air-conditioning that worked, it is supposed to keep the room at a flat 18°C all the time, but it doesn't seem to be even turned on. It was already 25°C outside this morning at 7:30am, it's 8:30am now, and it's 28°C. I love this weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: I don’t love the weather inside my office….

2 thoughts on “I’m in heaven! :D

  1. Sounds like a sti(n)cky temperature. Thats way too hot for my taste. Something around 25 degrees would be bless. Anything beyond 30 degrees is icky and better not to move a bit the whole day and seek out the coolest room in the house (aka bedroom) and drink lots and lots of water. Still I prefer a bloody hot summer than a cold / wet / windy winter.

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