Abandonware Torrents… it might just work!

Abandonware Torrents eh? There is only one torrent on there, and I am trying to leech and seed, but there’s a waiting period, just like ScT or IPT or one of those other trackers. So I’m waiting before I can leech it.

Kinda gotta toss up if I should add it to AP, I think it’s a good site, and a novel concept, however the games/torrents don’t have reviews or screen shots or anything. I see no reason why you can’t make an abandonware site that has torrent downloads, but still provide all the information people may need. The Torrent script is quite versatile I would hope.

Then you run into that issue of people adding the torrents themselves, do they have to provide all supporting information? And what are you going to do to assure your readers that they can actually download the game? Well, you could rely on me seeding, cos I’m willing to do it. But I wonder if people would want to wait to download a file from my 128kb? It’s one of those cases where all the community need to rally together and provide the files for people to download. I think to get the full benefit of widespread seeding you’d probably need to make it a public tracker and remove all the wait times.

Not having to worry about file hosting must be nice. Maybe once this tracker really does take off there will be tons of downloads and seeding around the world of abandonware. And then other abandonware sites can just link to the game Abandonware Torrents instead of having to worry about illegal file hosting. Then that would create even more seeding. Abandonware sites would become like Iso Hunt or Torrentz. As long as the webmaster kept up with removing all torrents from Abandonware Torrents if the game lost its abandonware status.

It’s a great concept, I could see it working. I’m going to do my part and download and seed whatever is uploaded, plus I’ll upload as much as I possibly can too. It’s fun to experiment :)

4 thoughts on “Abandonware Torrents… it might just work!

  1. Heya,

    Let me add some information to this:

    – URL: It’s now http://www.awtorrent.net/ and the tracker has been reset (old torrents have been reuploaded however, just redownload the torrent en reseed);

    – Screenshots and reviews: They WILL be added in a later stage. Currently every game comes with a small 2-line review telling the basic idea of the game. It’s just to get it up and running for now as I’m really occupied finishing some other things, later I will be looking for people to review the games and add a screenshots for every game (as the matter in fact you can already add 2 screenshots per game);

    – Hosting issue: Games will later on be seeded on the server. This means that some of the bandwidth will be taken care of by the server, guaranteeing games to stay up, even when they’re not that particularly interesting or popular. We first have to take care of a few bittorrent-related security issues first, though. Upload seed will be around 5 Mbit;

    – Wait times: They’re gone! Not completely, but enough to make sure every honest downloader will be able to download;

    – Uploading: Only people with an uploader status can upload. You could get one if you’d like, but for other users I just need to be absolutely sure they’re not using the website to share non-abandonware downloads;

    – Partnering: Other abandonware websites could partner up with us, linking directly to the torrent files. But this only goes for selected partners who will do something in return (e.g. seeding, reviewing, uploading). Deeplinking to the game page is no problem however. Other websites will later also be able to include a search form going to our search results.

    Hope this clears some things up. Thank you for your time and support!


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