Webstock 2008

I was looking forward to Webstock 2008 already, but with the announcement of the PowerPoint Karaoke Idol, I’m much keener!

It’s at the end of the first day of Webstock. The rules are few, three speakers get up on a stage, and they have to talk to a PowerPoint presentation. There are 12 slides per presentation, and each slide is up for 15 seconds. None of the contenstants have seen the slides before and have to just… roll with it. :)

There’s an Aussie vs. American vs. Kiwi, which should make it even more exciting. Go Nat Torkington! New Zealand will take the cup. ;)

The full programme of Webstock 2008 looks quite interesting. I was one of the first people to register, so I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. It is pretty decently priced considering how many people are talking from all over the world. Something like $900?

There are so many conflicting things I want to see! I really want to see Shawn Henry and Rachel McAlpine at the same time. However, I’ll be delivering her course here at MED, so maybe I should see Shawn Henry. Hmm… We’ll see on the day ;)

There is a Secret Session after lunch on Day 1. I hate it when they do that. It takes a while to run between the theatres if you discover you didn’t want to see that one.

I’m looking forward to seeing Sam Morgan again Day 1. He’s the guy who created Trademe and then sold it for like $600 million. Good lad ;)

Day 2, hmm… what to see. I will probably go and see Jill Whalen, as she’s going to be talking about search, and meta-tagging, keywords etc. That’s definitely something I am interested in. I’ve been doing a lot of research into Dublin Core at the moment.

I’d like to see Chris DiBona, he’s the open-source man from Google. But it’s not as interesting as the other two. The other two are a toss-up indeed. Dan’s talking about adding the “WOW” factor to websites and Amy is talking about usability and how you can use it to make people do what you want. She’s probably who I’ll go and see ;)

There are also other speakers I’m looking forward to hearing and catching up with again. Russell Brown from Public Address is awesome. He’s also going to be talking about broadband in NZ, which should be interesting. Ha-ha. Also Damian Conway is going to be talking web 2.0, and he’s going to slam it, so that should be a good one.

The Webstock team are wonderful. They still run the Friday newsletter, with all the vacancies in the nerd-world. Plus they do lots of events during the year which I always attend. Brilliant stuff. It’s all part of the nerd-network in Wellington.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely post and comment on the Webstock team! Glad you’re looking forward to the conference – so are we :)

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