Mmm apply goodness

This is a just yummy recipe :)

Sugar Free Please – APPLE STRUDEL.

I get a lot of recipes from this site, having to eat sugar-free ‘n all. I made some apple strudel tonight and served with vanilla ice cream. It’s shame I couldn’t put sultana’s in it, but it was nice.

I also made some more bacon and egg pie for dave to take to lunch for the next week, plus also some pikelets for Charlotte to take for morning tea.

So it was a nice evening of cooking, and not even 8pm and I’m already sitting down to do some blogging ;)

Just incase you wanna be gay and go do some baking to send to my house, or cook for me, here are some of my favourite bookmarks ;)

3 thoughts on “Mmm apply goodness

  1. Looks like you love to bake ? Should I get an oven ? No I think you would be mental, baking when its 30 degrees outside and 28 degrees inside ;)

  2. I love baking -_- I just don’t eat a lot of what I bake because I like to bake things which are unhealthy like cakes and cookies ;)

    Baking isn’t hot work, only the food gets hot in the oven, not the baker :D

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