R.I.P Sir Edmund Hillary

It is a sad day for NZ, when one of our heroes passes away. Sir Ed was a legend! The first man to ever climb Mount Everest back in 1953.

Interesting fact? Sir Ed was a beekeeper before he became a mountaineer and general outdoorsy man.

We have him on our $5 note. He really has made a significant contribution to New Zealand, getting us on the map. But also here in NZ he has the outdoor camps (Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre) and promotes getting out and about. A UNICEF ambassador, and doing a lot of work in Nepal. He also does the VSA (volunteer service abroad) which gets people overseas to work in poor countries providing aid.

I was lucky enough to go to the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre (also known as OPC) when I was 17. We did a lot of hiking, abseiling, team-building, extreme sports, orienteering, snowboard, mountain climbing, etc Getting youth to engage in activities to increase self-esteem and build awareness of our environment. It was really hard to save up for though, my mother was a solo mother and it wasn’t cheap (like, many hundreds and hundreds of dollars)!

I’ve been outside. All the flags outside my building and down at parliament are half-mast. I guess it had to happen, he hadn’t been too well. He was 88 after all.

I hope that one day I can say I lived a fulfilled life and accomplished great things like he did. Maybe not climb any mountains, but at least conquer some things :)

Here are some photos which I took from outside the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (next door to MED where I work). They have a big $5 note in their window. Today it had a black banner around it and a flower and tributes to Sir Ed. I thought it was really touching. Excuse the quality, I had to use my phone as I left my digital camera at home (grrr).

Read a story and timeline on Sir Ed’s Life on NZ Herald.

I Dig Dugged this article….

2 thoughts on “R.I.P Sir Edmund Hillary

  1. Heard on the radio Sir Edmund had passes on, sad day indeed. No I reckon he’s climbing a bigger mountain, eh? The radio reporter even had the sense to mention Sir Ed was a native NZ’er. First thing through my head: How many americans now have atlas in hand, looking for NZ? ;)

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