Who ate all the pie?

I did some baking for dinner last night. I was doing the grocery shopping and they had bacon on special so I bought 1kg and my nana’s always giving us eggs from her chickens. So I made Michelle’s 1kg of bacon plus 1.5 doz egg pie. It’s a big pie that takes up a whole roasting dish. ;)

Anyway, I don’t believe in putting pansy assed mixed veggies in your pie, or wasting space with fluffy eggs. I believe in cramming it all in there!

So Hayden stayed for dinner last night, and four of us had pie. And there is still enough for dinner tonight, plus some is left over for lunches tomorrow. And maybe more for dinner tomorrow night o_O That’s a lot of pie!

4 thoughts on “Who ate all the pie?

  1. MMMMMMMMM, Pie!!!!! :D That’ s a whole lot of bacon and eggs in there. Gawd, I can feel my arteries clogging with cholesterol as I type, but what a way to go. ;)

  2. Wtf, are you online and I can’t see you? As soon as I message you, you go offline! Are you avoiding me? :p

    Hey, a bit of pie in moderation never hurt anyone ;)

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