Kieran and Amanda’s wedding

Aww, it was a beautiful day. My cousin Kieran married his girl Amanda. They had been together for six years, met in high school etc. Very fairytale ;) The wedding was held at Wallaceville House. The wedding ceremony was at 5.00pm, we got there at 4:30 to dress Charlotte. She was the flower girl. She looked so beautiful.

The bride (Amanda) arrived at about 5:20pm. Fashionably late! She looked totally stunning. She also arrived in this HUUUUGE limo. It was so big that after the ceremony they had to come and find who owned some cars to get them moved because the limo got stuck. Then it couldnt get out past the carpark, so they had to remove some plants from the gardens to let the limo out down the bottom. Honestly, it was a fucking huge limo.

Charlotte was very well behaved during the ceremony. She stood up with Nadia (the bridesmaid who was her chaperone) and was nice and quiet. Then she discovered the hedge behind her and played with that for a while. Then found a big leaf and ran off with it. It was just beautiful. Amanda looked lovely, and her and Kieran looked happy.

After the ceremony we sat in the gardens and had drinks and nibbles, then moved inside for the reception dinner, followed by dancing. It was awesome. It was nice to have all my family in one place at one time. We totally pwnd Amanda’s family in terms of attendance. There was many more of us Taylors and Davies.

It was a great evening and night. What a success. The weather was really clear and calm, and everyone was in such a good mood. I can only hope that one day if I get married it’ll be half as awesome as this. The speech Kieran gave about him and Amanda and how much he loves her, he was in tears, it was just really touching. And everyone was just so happy and proud for them.

You can see all the photos plus lots of videos of the bride coming in and the announcements in my Kieran and Amanda’s Wedding Picasa album.

4 thoughts on “Kieran and Amanda’s wedding

  1. There’s something about outdoor weddings. Looks like it was a very nice wedding ceremony. But it may not be the best idea to stand under a tree. ;) Birds aren’t always discreet. :D

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