Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008 already eh? I remember going into town and getting trashed and celebrating the incoming millenium… wow, that was a great party. Someone going for a pee on a traffic island, someone ending up with my top in their backpack and it going all the way to Masterton, and I had to track them down and get it mailed back because it wasn’t mine.

So what did I get up to this year? Nothing at all. I stayed home and played with Charlotte, and then she went to bed so I watched tv. There was no New Years shows on or anything. There were only crappy movies about American football, Gridiron Gang and something else. And Hostel and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I guess they assumed everyone went out somewhere eh? Well, what about parents with kids to watch!? So I watched some crappy movies, it was okay. And talked to special people like John on IRC.

So, it was a good way to ring in the New Year. Doing what I love to do. I would rather talk to my friends than get pissed with some people and end up barfing in a gutter somewhere.

So here’s to a fab 2008. I have a lot of exciting plans. First thing is to sleep :)

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. 24 hours later I did the same thing, sort of. ;) Celebrating at the local watering hole is just lame, it’s too far to celebrate in the city (too many constables out) , and nobody gave me an invite. So at 12:00AM I reset the clocks. w00t! :D

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