NZ is shakin’

A nice big quake hit Gisborne last night at 8:55pm. It was pretty big, 6.8 on the Richter Scale. it was felt all the way down in Dunedin. There have been damage reports here in Wellington. One person died – of a heart attack as it happened. So died of fright really o_O

Wow, you can see all the recent earthquakes here on the GeoNet website. As you can see, they are quite frequent, and the big aftershocks are still coming through.

The latest quake hit at 6.47am today, was again centred 50km southeast of Gisborne, at a depth a 60km, and registered 4.5 on the Richter scale.

I got some photos :) I ‘borrowed’ them from the news websites. So (c) whoever took them!

Roof caves in, Gisborne Pak ‘n Save Wine all wasted!  Gisborne Bernina shop trashed, Gisborne outside the Health 2000 shop, Gisborne

It’s probably random to say, but I wish it was bigger and centered here, cos that would have been awesome!

6 thoughts on “NZ is shakin’

  1. I’m not a nutball :P

    And they are fun. You probably wouldn’t understand cos you don’t live on the edge of a plate like we do. My house is on a fault line! Our buildings are quite quake friendly. And they are just.. fun. I love them. (except when your stuff gets broken). But we have things you do in NZ homes to make sure that things are safe. Like, you always screw bookcases to your walls. And we have earthquake friendly shelving etc. ;)

    Mmmm earthquakes. leet.

  2. Just like going to a cheap motel, except you don’t need any quarters for the massage-o-bed. :D
    Are there more than two faults in NZ? ‘Cuz my 1968 Britannica only shows two. ;)

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