A good long talk on random stuff

So… what’s with this server eh? Going all wonky n stuff. GAY. I emailed and txt my cousin, but heard nothing. I’ll see him at Nana’s on Christmas though.

Let’s see what random things I’ve been up to. First, on Sunday I was eating strawberries and there was one as big as my hand :o I should have done a better comparison, but I got hungry! ^_^ Tis not a very good photo o_O

Then what happened? Well, Charlotte drew a “nake”, and a “nake” goes ssssssssss apparently. Unsure how she knows what a snake is. And also what a scorpion is! ;)

My garden got nailed by the hot weather, and I had to have the sprinkler on most of the weekend. Which was okay, cos Charlotte and I sat under it ;)

Oh, and Dave made Charlotte a mini version of one of my handbags

Look at that, she’s totally not a baby anymore. She’s a real little girl. Ohhh my lil baby all grown up! Someone give me more babies!

3 thoughts on “A good long talk on random stuff

  1. She won’t take it off. Well, very rarely anyway. Only to put things in it and take things out. Like those blocks in the other photos.

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