Eww another sneaky one!

Ack, they are sneaky, sneaky little bastards. Or should I say BIG bastards? I went down to get my mail and this thing was assaulting random people in the driveway.

Ewwww… Funnel Web Spiders!

7 thoughts on “Eww another sneaky one!

  1. Itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout;

    Down came the rain and washed the spider out;

    Out came………um………Michelle and squashed the ugly bugger into oblivion.

    The End……..

  2. no way would i stand on that, id probably never be able to forget the horrible noise, what if it tried to bite my foot off? I was so brave to even get THAT close to take a photo.

    I know it was probably terrified and thinking “what is this huge person yelling, and what is that silver thingy flashing at me”, but I’m telling you – I was WAY more scared of it than it was of me!!!

  3. I would make a huge jump in the air of terror too and back off fast. Yuck to ugly big insects! And if I had a flamethower within reach, I would’ve used it!

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