Oh Christmas tree…

Compared to trees that I saw when I was in the UK, our tree is pretty lame. Yes, it’s not a real one, because real pine trees in NZ look like… sticks with random branches. Our little tiny fake one looks better than any pine tree I’ve ever seen. We don’t have Fir trees, or whatever you foreigners use ;) I don’t like the way my floor gets covered in pine needles too, and needlessly cutting down some innocent baby tree just to have it die in my yard, then having to pay $30 to dump it at the rubbish tip. It doesn’t seem the logical or sustainable thing to do. But I hope one day I can have a really bushy real tree that looks awesome, they need to genetically modify them so they make good Christmas trees. I saw a cool fake black one o_O

Anyway, take a look at our fake tree. The photo doesn’t really do it justice. I’m going to film it at night with the pretty lights flashing and going all colours. I also took the photo before I found a box with tinsel in it ;) So it is a bit bare. We’ve had this tree for about… 10 years o_O So it’s kind of old and worn out. But it’s a good tree, it fits nicely on the table in the corner and we only have a few decorations, all the ones we made as kids are all thrown out long ago. Plus, our cat likes to pull it over so it pays not to have a big tree. Charlotte already nearly pulled the tree over twice. Gotta keep an eye on these kids o_O

Charlotte made her first decoration at this Christmas party she went to, it’s a toilet roll converted into a Santa. He’s sitting up there next to the Angel. Santa is all coloured in with colourful felt pens (which might I add do NOT wash out of her best t-shirt very well). He has a hat with cotton wool on it. He’s very cool looking. She’s not completely sure who Father Christmas/Santa is. I tried to explain it, but all she does is point at say “tee” which is tree in her language.

Our tree looks very nice in person. :p I’m pleased with it. I decorated it ALL on my own. I even themed it so it’s only gold and red. One day I’m going to have a massive tree, and I’ll decorate it only in silver and bloo. Until then, I’m very happy with this one. I’ll post a video of it tonight.

And it already has about 6 presents under it ;) ooooo…..

P.S. stop laughing at my tree, or Santa won’t come to your house!

16 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree…

  1. Um no, those are just mine anyway. well, some of mine. Most of them are in my room, and then some boxes of them in Charlie’s room. plus another CD tower which wouldn’t fit.

    I’ve got nothing from Santa under the tree so far. It’s mainly presents for my nephews and nieces, and a present for my mum.

  2. What a pweddy widdle twee. Hope Santee Claus brings lots of presents. Even had to pop over to Picasa and check it out ‘up close’. ;)

    BTW…. Ever seen a Charlie Brown Christmas? :D MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE BR.., ER, MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s a nice little tree. Kind of reminds me of the small fake tree my grandparents used to put it on a table like that. We got a tree on my birthday, it’s a nice scotch pine or something like that. I’ll take some pics of it when we actually put it up and lit and everything.

  4. ;D

    Ahhhh…. well I guess that makes sense if Santa delivers them :)

    Do you also open them on Christmas eve? Some families open their presents on Christmas eve.

  5. Yay, we agree. Talk about ruining Christmas day, what else is there to do if you already opened all your presents? Besides eat…

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