Whatamorning Part II!

Ohh, back at work! YAY! But I think I might have come back too quickly. I have so much work to do and my brain kind of fizzled thinking about what to do first. I can’t stop sweating, sweating hardcore. Eww, I’m all sticky -_- and I’m sweating body spray, so it smells nice, but I feel so yuck.

I’m kind of hungry too. I haven’t eaten in a while. I don’t think I’ll risk it until tomorrow or maybe the weekend.

But I’m feeling a lot better than I did :) This is a great thing yes!

I had the most bizarre dream last night. I dreamt that was in a duathlon and it had a 10km bike ride followed by a double marathon! Kinda freaky. ;) I do my next duathlon in April 2008. I don’t remember thinking about it though, because I was way too sick to think about it! There better not be a double marathon in it! (Don’t worry, there isn’t). I don’t do triathlons because I’m scared of the ocean and they always want to do them in the sea! >_< Wow, I did some work for the ladies upstairs this morning and they bought me a coffee to my desk. Yummy, its all frothy and coffee-ish. How do I break it to them I don’t drink coffee or I go crazy and try and climb the walls? *drinks the coffee* I am polite and drink what I’m given. Wow, at least I’ll never sleep again ;) Stomach seems to be okay with it! I also chewed a bit of my cherry flavoured lip balm, because it smells way too good to be true… it was o_O

Right, well, now I’ve bored myself shitless I’m off to a govt3 meeting to rant on about sustainability and doing right by the environment. And here’s hoping we can win some more awards ;) Oh, and vote for Al Gore.

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