Feeling craaaappy

So I’m curled up in bed and someone keeps calling my house. Stop waking me -_-

I’m so tired, and I keep vomiting on the floor cos when I’m asleep I can’t move fast enough. And the bowl keeps… being far away. Who put that there?

Oh, I’m a bad patient when I’m ill. *moans and groans*

But, I’m eating some Marmite on toast (thanks deepcut) and feeling a bit better. So maybe one more nap after this and then I’ll be able to watch Enchanted. Yay it finally downloaded.

I think the only thing really hurting me today is that I didn’t get to go to work. And that Charlotte will be staying over at my aunties house tonight. I didn’t get to touch Charlie or go near her when I started getting sick. And she was crying out for me when she went to bed. And I won’t see her until after work tomorrow. So I do miss her. I think I’ll call her tonight and we can talk on the phone. Wanted to give my baby cuddles, but she was all well, and I don’t want her sick.

This movie Pulse is on TV and it’s really scary, why did I start watching it :(

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