If you EVER see Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds number 400 (which is Pink Carats) you buy it by the crate and send it to me and I’ll give you $20 for each one.

I just realised I only have less than 1cm left of my lipstick, and its gonna run out and I’m gonna be sad. It’s the bestest lipstick ever. All shiny and glossy with sparkles, and just perfectly suited. Not too bright, not too dull, perfect.

Ohhh damn me for loving a lipstick not available in NZ anymore!

One thought on “GnoooOO000000OOoooooo

  1. What can I say? I don’t make a habit of checking the cosmetics section. It’s a phobia of being sprayed by that perfune wench and getting all glammed up with all those free samples? :O
    BTW, what blush goes best with beard hair? :D

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