A stinking hot weekend!

Oh what a weekend. I can’t say that I did a lot, I totally didn’t. Well, I went to a BBQ at the police station. That was awesome. I took a shitload of photos. Charlotte had lots of fun with the kids and was pleased to see Kirsty again. And for once I wasn’t behind the camera, because there are photos of me!

Hmmm, I need to start captioning the photos. And how come nobody comments ;) You can comment on my photos!

Yesterday was great, I just made this bed on my lawn and lay in the sun. I think my legs are feeling a bit itchy, so I got some sun. It was so nice to be in the sun and just.. hot. HOT. Today is supposed to be the hottest so far this year, 21 degree high. But for some reason it’s all overcast and windy and it started raining on the way to work. Go figure *rolls eyes*

Also spend some time looking for more bands. My last.fm page is great because it doesn’t just show what I listen to ;) but makes some AWESOME recommendations for bands I’d like. And I’ve found some awesome ones. Strange enough, it picked up Starfighter, which is a rare one I own on CD. And a few others, remind me to rip my CD’s into mp3. So I did a fair bit of that while sitting in the sun too. Which explains why my battery ran out so fast. Also, a bit of EE3 ;) OOSH.

Here’s a photo I took when mountain biking up in Upper Hutt. So I did get off my arse:

I also spent time with some awesome people on IRC. You know who you are. And thanks :) I’m uhh, well, yeah. And yes, I woke up this morning like this –> O_O

So, I noticed we’re into December. Where did this year go? It seems to have flown past me. Hard to believe I have been at MED for over a year now. And so much has changed since I started here. I can’t say that I miss the Ministry of Education :p

Also at home, things have been interesting this year. Very interesting. I wonder WTF I’m doing there too. Random.

So we’ll wait out December, and wait for the new year. Which will bring a change I hope. Bring on 08, every day which passes takes me closer to something else. I just hope that something else is awesomer than this.

Oh, I forgot my medication today. Bugger. And I have a two hour meeting this morning. This is gonna be interesting… >_< I wish I didn’t live on the other side of the harbour. So ignore me if I’m acting like a dick.

4 thoughts on “A stinking hot weekend!

  1. Well, I COULD comment on photos, but that would require making an account. I have no photos of my own to post so that would be illogical, would it not? Or maybe not, we’ll think about it. ;)
    Oddly enough though, one need not have an account to report inappropriate content…Go figure. (considers evil thought…Naw) :D
    Looks like there was fun had at the party. Party on!!!!!! :D

  2. Well, maybe you should get some photos, so you can ;)

    Inappropriate.. sheesh.. you want inappropriate? *uploads nekkid photos of Oyn*

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