Christmas Eve

Fancy having to work Christmas eve! Well, I didn’t really. Charlotte came into work with me and we did some cleaning of the desk (and drawing), plus we visited a few people and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Andrea bought Hannah in and the girls had a good time. Hannah is 1 year older than Charlotte, but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

The ladies at work were very impressed. :) Charlotte was so well behaved!

After that I came home and then had to go back to the shops to get more food for the breakfast tomorrow. Strawberries are like $5 per punnet o_O That’s outrageous! But we need them for the Champagne, so… Worth paying for eh? :) Plus they are damn nice strawberries. I think I’m all set for tomorrow. Charlotte is getting a new trike. She’ll love it! I have everyone elses’s presents wrapped and they are all under the tree!

Putt putt the pirate

So Dave and I went and played some mini-golf again today. We went to Pirate’s Cove out in Porirua because we had to go out that way to test that our key still worked to Aotea (where the motorbikes can be ridden) because I’m planning to go out there tomorrow, or maybe in the next few days.

It was a brilliantly hot day, such a nice day for playing mini-golf. Even if it was super hot, and we had to keep buying lots of drinks. Surprisingly enough there weren’t lots of people there, so we didn’t need to queue at the holes, or wait until there was a turn to start.

There are lots of different things to do, like going through the waterfall, putting around water, putting on the pirate ship, having to go through a castle. The nasty 17th hole which has a 6 stroke limit cos it’s so hard (and I got it in 3!). It was just a really nice day. Got some good photos of the Mazda too.

See the Out and About Picasa album.

NZ is shakin’

A nice big quake hit Gisborne last night at 8:55pm. It was pretty big, 6.8 on the Richter Scale. it was felt all the way down in Dunedin. There have been damage reports here in Wellington. One person died – of a heart attack as it happened. So died of fright really o_O

Wow, you can see all the recent earthquakes here on the GeoNet website. As you can see, they are quite frequent, and the big aftershocks are still coming through.

The latest quake hit at 6.47am today, was again centred 50km southeast of Gisborne, at a depth a 60km, and registered 4.5 on the Richter scale.

I got some photos :) I ‘borrowed’ them from the news websites. So (c) whoever took them!

Roof caves in, Gisborne Pak ‘n Save Wine all wasted!  Gisborne Bernina shop trashed, Gisborne outside the Health 2000 shop, Gisborne

It’s probably random to say, but I wish it was bigger and centered here, cos that would have been awesome!

Mum and Charlie

Just some photos taken of me and Charlotte playing. They are hardly ever done, cos I’m always behind the camera, so I wanted to share them :)

I’m convinced it’s a natural thing to blink when someone takes a photo. Why does that always seem to happen? o_O

A good long talk on random stuff

So… what’s with this server eh? Going all wonky n stuff. GAY. I emailed and txt my cousin, but heard nothing. I’ll see him at Nana’s on Christmas though.

Let’s see what random things I’ve been up to. First, on Sunday I was eating strawberries and there was one as big as my hand :o I should have done a better comparison, but I got hungry! ^_^ Tis not a very good photo o_O

Then what happened? Well, Charlotte drew a “nake”, and a “nake” goes ssssssssss apparently. Unsure how she knows what a snake is. And also what a scorpion is! ;)

My garden got nailed by the hot weather, and I had to have the sprinkler on most of the weekend. Which was okay, cos Charlotte and I sat under it ;)

Oh, and Dave made Charlotte a mini version of one of my handbags

Look at that, she’s totally not a baby anymore. She’s a real little girl. Ohhh my lil baby all grown up! Someone give me more babies!