What the Michelle?

I haven’t written much lately about what I’ve been up to. What have I been up to? Lots of things!

A new member of staff in my team started this week. She’s very sweet and settling in well. I don’t know where I’d be without my trusty sidekick 2IC to take care of things when I’m constantly rushed away. He’s been looking after her really well when I haven’t been here. Teaching her how to do things etc.

Last night on the bus home (yes, I had to bus home) I went through my notebook, well, the book I cart everywhere at work and write all my notes and meeting minutes in etc. And I looked through it and pulled out all the action points and tasks which need completing and there were over 40 -_- So I printed out some info on how to use Outlook tasks, because I really need to figure that out! I can use the calendar and email and contacts fine, but the task thing gets me every time! :p

Also been asking lots of people everywhere for some idea on what to use as an RSS reader, but I haven’t heard anything. And I can’t find any good review sites either. If you do have any ideas (which is all four of you which read this blog) then please let me know!! We use IE6 as our browser here and they don’t like to use browser plug-ins, so we can’t have anything like that. And it has to be freeware :)

I had lunch with P again yesterday. Ha-ha! God so crass ;) What did he talk about last time? Well we were talking about medications and things because he’s epileptic (and I’m on some of the same medication as him o_O) and then we were talking about ages. And he was saying that as you get older it gets harder to have sex and how woman really piss him off because they are always shy in the bedroom. He said he doesn’t have time to stuff around because he can only go about three times in a session nowadays, not as much as he used to. I just stared at him, with my spoon half way to my mouth… O_O <-- that was me. Firstly because it was him, and I was grossed out and secondly because I put my spoon back down and went “THREE TIMES? I thought it was only once!” And he said I was being “short-changed”… *rolls eyes*. Unbelievable, I just don’t believe it. I was too impressed and shocked and impressed to be totally grossed out. And then I just started laughing and I couldn’t stop! -_- Hahaha, even now I’m laughing still and that was a few days ago. Shame he’s married eh, because he’s only 47, quite within my acceptable age limit (which is no more than twice my age thx) :p *shudders* no, no way. >_< *starts laughing her arse off again*. Today is our Knowledge Management Christmas function. So we leave here at 12.30pm and go to erm… I don’t know where we’re going, so I’m just going to follow others ;) But it’s to this place where you get lunch and stuff. I guess I’ll know more after I’ve been. But because we don’t have an MED Christmas function (no perks in the public service thanks) they do subsidise it. Other govt departments get Christmas functions so it’s only fair they subsidise the group ones right?! Kind of bummed though, I have lots of work to do and I forgot about it. I was relying on that time to get it done.

I’ve been doing a LOT of mountain biking lately. It’s been great fun. I’m a wee bit sore, but it’s getting better. Lots of crashing and burning ;) But it’s fantastic. And I haven’t just been doing over hills and up mountains by my house, sometimes it’s down at the riverbank and taking my dog for a run. And I have this little thing so I can throw Charlotte on the back and we can both go for a ride in Upper Hutt past the horses and cows and MOOO she says. Which is kind of cool, because it wears her out ;) And we stop and sit by the river and drink water and just talk. Well, I talk and she says random things. Also been doing a bit more running and walking n stuff. Just really want to be healthy is all. I love being inside, but I sometimes feel quite, claustrophobic is a good word. Or bored!? I love to sit with my PC and talk to everyone I love, but I get nagged, nagged, nagged and nagged to stop sitting on my arse. So instead of just standing up around my house, I feel I need to do something which isn’t cleaning the bathroom or something. I save cleaning the house for when I’m upset ;) When you’re upset you can clean about four times faster than normal, and you do it more vigorously! This is generally on a Sunday…

My skin is getting quite brown doing all this stuff outdoors, which is a worry, because after that whole melanoma thing I’m a bit nervous about the sun -_- Yes! After my op they took it for testing and found melanoma :o So I’m really lucky that I had it removed eh? It’s healing up nicely, I have the metal backed stitch thingy for another 3.5 weeks. So it’ll be coming off at Christmas. The doctor gave me the whole packet because he knew that I will probably rip them off in my sleep. I haven’t so far. But when I first got one on I was really itchy. I thought “Aw fuck, I’m allergic” just like I am with crappy metal jewellery but its okay now. I don’t know what metal it is in it, but it’s not making me break out in a rash or anything.

Last week I put my silver earrings back in to see what would happen. And sure enough, they turned black. My body doesn’t like to have silver in my ears apparently. O_O It’s done it since I was about.. 11 years old. I used to have 6 earrings in each ear, but I had to take a lot out so I could get a job ;) But I still have all the holes and I put all my silver ones back in, and they turned black! So I took them all out last night and put my white gold ones back in. I thought silver was fine, I’m not allergic to it, but it seems to be allergic to me. I’m sure the necklace for my ruby diamond necklace is silver, and I haven’t taken that off in two years and it’s not black. So I’m a wee bit confused. Did some Googling but to no avail. Gutted though, because I have some reaaaaaaaaaally cool fake jewellery and silver jewellery which you can dress up with, but I can’t wear it for more than a few hours or I end up with a rash for about two weeks. I think I’ll stick to white gold and platinum, or just gold. Mmmm white gold -_-

Yes, I have been reading the jewellery mail-outs ;)

Now I shall play some more Chicane and go find some breakfast! but first, a few messages:

Sergio: please email me back!
Hexie: ;)

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