Blue Beanie Day

Today is the official Blue Beanie Day! Here’s a nerdy reason why:

November 26th has been named Blue Beanie Day, in honor of Jeffrey Zeldman’s photo, donned in a blue beanie, on the cover of his book, “Designing with Web Standards.” It’s a day to stand up and show our solidarity around accessible web development using Web Standards.

I don’t have a blue beanie, I only have a black one and a maroon one o_O I will have to get it into Fireworks shortly and tweak a photo ;) If you have Facebook then you can go and attend with me! MY PROFILE

I guess it’s only the 26th here in NZ and Australia at the moment. But looks like we get to do it first, as with everything, so whee.

So there, is an event in Facebook with more info o_O, plus a Flickr album.

Yes, I’m a die-hard web standards fan -_-

4 thoughts on “Blue Beanie Day

  1. What do you mean uncool? :o How else do you keep your head warm in winter?
    Some of us have to leave the house every day before 7am, and that can be quite cold in winter ;)

    Though, not as cold here as over there (I beg to differ on that)

  2. Hmmmm nice and warm car ;) I hate getting the windows ice free though -_- And sometimes I cant even open the doors when its been freezing ..

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