Eight lives to go…

Wow, talk about a close call? So I got that thing cut out of my face, and I went to the doctors today to get my stitches removed. To be honest, there was only one stitch left ;) Seems I had another restless night and ripped out another stitch, sheesh!

Anyway, it came back from the labs and my doctor was very surprised to tell me that it had Melanoma o_O FREAKY!

I don’t know why I got it removed. They were concerned and said maybe I should think about it, and I thought “fuck it, let’s do it now then”. Glad I made that decision eh? Especially after delaying it for so long. I could have ended up with half my face having to be cut off. >_< But the lab said they looked all over it and the cancer was on the inside and hadn’t spread to the outside, so it’s contained. Very nasty business ;)

How exciting :o Terrifying, but totally exciting. Oosh!

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