Such a dreamer?

I have had the strangest night.

Firstly I dreamed of Oyn, and it was a really bizarre dream. But also a very nice dream, involving trucks, turbo boosting across the desert and sunsets.

The second was not so nice. I think it was because of a conversation from last night. It was my heart continually breaking over and over again as Gareth committed suicide again and again and again and again… I don’t know how you can do that. And I was watching that Sensing Murder show again, with the psychics. And I kept waking up and I kept thinking he was there. Now I have the paranoid being-watched feeling. And I’m reminded that my heart still hurts, even after all this time. I don’t know what to do.

Soo, how about those Red Sox?

I hear there is a high of 21C today, and then 22C tomorrow. Now that is something. Wonderfully warm. Though the mornings start off overcast and the wind comes in strong, then blows the clouds away and settles down. It’ll clear for a nice run at lunch time.

Oh, the first other thing I checked this morning (besides checking I was alone in the room) is that I still have two stitches in my face! I ripped one out last night by accident, and it hurt like a motherfucker >_< * bunnzy np: Claire Voyant – Love Is Blind – 06 – He is Here

3 thoughts on “Such a dreamer?

  1. I couldn’t get an appointment at a time I could go, he canceled the one today. So I have to wait until Friday. A small scar is to be expected. Then I get the strip things to hold it together once the stitches are out on Friday.

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