A bit of everything

I haven’t done in any food shopping in a few weeks. Well, the odd trip to the dairy for bread and milk. And it’s because we have so much food in our pantry. About 60 or so cans in there, easily… I have my fridge, stashes of bottles of coke in the linen cupboard and also the freezer in the kitchen plus the big freezer in the garage. And then I show Oyn my pantry and he says it isn’t much o_O I wanna see in Oyn’s pantry! I think they have tons of food if they have more than we do. That’s amazing!

Last night I went mountain biking again. It was awesomeness. I felt the burn, FEEL THE BURN! Yes, feeling the burn. I was a little bit wobbly, and a whole lot dirty and sweaty when I came home. I figured that I’m dropping kg’s with my different eating, and I really need to do more exercise. Plus, its mega fun to go for runs walks and bike rides. And BMX and motocross and all those other funky things I love to do. I’m never going to take up frootbooting though :p

I’m a little bit tired though -_- I think I need some sleepies. I got eight hours last night, but it wasn’t enough…

/me hides in Hexie’s bed under the blankets and goes to sleep…

2 thoughts on “A bit of everything

  1. Oooh I have to check my bed for a lost Bunnzy. Oh she’s prolly gone by now, at her work. Darnit I always miss her like that. Damn +12 timezone. Bah. Hope you had a good sleep in my smelly bed.

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