I wanna go to the Big Day Out :(

Hayden and his ticket:

I’m so jealous -_-

There have been some great announcements on the Big Day Out website.

We’re supposed to be going together, but I haven’t got my ticket yet! And I don’t know if I can afford to, because I’m saving up to go and annoy Hexie for one month. But I’m thinking that I am going to go to the Big Day Out anyway, because Rage Against the Machine are playing, and when will you ever get a chance to see them again? They aren’t even together anymore! (I don’t know how that makes any logical sense).

The arse thing is also finding somewhere to stay. If you plan to go up you’re supposed to have booked your accommodation about 4 months ago, they go really quickly. And it’s arse to find your way around Auckland! Parking etc. What a shit hole of a city.

The good news? They are going to host a rock concert called Rock2Wgtn at our stadium next Easter weekend. TWO DAYS LONG! And Kiss are one of the headline acts. And more announcements are to come. YAY. Finally the stadium levy on my property rates are going to pay off. Yeah right – I pay a few hundred a year for a stadium I have been to once – and I had to pay $40 just to see a lousy game of provincial rugby (and we didn’t even win). Eww.

I was made for loooving you baby…

5 thoughts on “I wanna go to the Big Day Out :(

  1. Would that be the Kiss Geriatric Tour? Sponsored by Geritol? Hope they can still lift those heavy guitars. :D ;D
    Oh, thanks for reminding me I have to pay my fall property tax this week. Whew…hate to end up on the street. On the other hand, I’ve been itching for some new scenery. ;)

  2. Yeah, I’ll just swim right over then, think I’m in good ’nuff shape. :D I wouldn’t mind catching next years Targa either…Looks like fun.

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