Gardening and creepy-crawlies ftw!

So yesterday was totally action packed huh? After biking I came home and talked to my lovely for a bit. Then I went to the mall for afternoon tea and to buy some socks. Then I came home and went and did my gardens. If you’ve seen photos of my kitchen you’ll see that the bay window is shielded from the neighbours by a huge jasmine vine on the fence. My neighbours decided to paint their side of the fence and when they did that they managed to disconnect the fecking trellis from the fence and my vine fell over! o_O #$*(&^! So I went out and decided that I didn’t need the vine where the window wasn’t so I got in there and I cut the fucking thing to bits. And I was totally terrified -_- I bet some big spiders live in that thing, it’s been there forever. Anyway, there was only about 1.5m between the house and the fence, so I had to get right in there and I ripped it off the fence, ripped the trellis down and had to cut it all up and drag it around and stomp it into the wheelie bin. Then go back and reattach the trellis and vine that should be there.

Y’know, I didn’t get inside until about 3 hours later, didn’t feel like 3 hours? And I haven’t even started on my lavender garden or anything else o_O Next weekend is going to be so busy again!

The good news? There were no spiders that I saw. The awesome news? I found this mega cool weta :D

He’s a nice big one too! He went up the wall to the eave (I think it’s the eave? Did I spell that right?) And I had to grab a stick and poke him back down. He wasn’t happy… He got all angsty and started hissing. But I prodded him a few times and he fell down, and I dug around in the garden but I couldn’t find him. Thank God eh? Mum would have had a fit. I think they’re kinda cute. He would have been a healthy 10cm long, not including his feelers and back legs n stuff.

I’m scratched to fuckery, but I had a damn good time!

4 thoughts on “Gardening and creepy-crawlies ftw!

  1. So was it a tree weta, giant weta, ground weta, cave weta, or tusked weta? ;) Inquiring minds want to know. :D

  2. it was a tree weta :) which is similar to a ground weta.
    the giant weta is the only one that really looks different, cos they are kidna brown and HUGE. though this one was relatively dark for a weta o_O

    Cave weta’s are yuck >_< There is this weta cave in the park here and you go in and it's really thin, and you NEVER take a torch. EVER. i only touched the end once and then i was like AHHHHHHH. I went in again with friends and we turned on a torch. BAD idea. The flashlight reflected the oozing pulsating walls and ceiling, caked with these big spindly wetas and spiders. and as you went in further they got all albino and at the end they were all .. white. and im talking like, narrow short cave. they is about 20cm of space on each side of you, and its only about 2m high >_<

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