Girly girly girls

I’m trying to grow out Charlottes fringe, it’s getting longer, but she wouldn’t let me tie up her hair until a few weeks ago. I had to cut the very front of her fringe, and hope like hell the sides start to grow. So random, on the temples she has bugger all hair.

Anyway, she lets me tie up her hair! I didn’t realise how hard it is to do someone else’s hair. o_O Doing my own is no problem, I’ve been doing it for years. It’s so much easier when you can put your hands behind your head and just not have to look. But tying up another person’s hair is so difficult. Especially when they don’t really like to sit still, and as soon as you brush it and get it up they grab the hairbrush and brush their hair and make it all messy >_< I hope her hair gets thicker like mine, it’ll stay up better. At the moment it’s quite thin and is more like Mum’s and Abbeys hair, which is thin and stuff, doesn’t tie up very well, falls out of clips etc. Thick hair all the way! Anyway, this was our first attempt at tying it up in pigtails and I think it’s really cute -_-

Such a little angel -_-

Y’know, I think I would like a son, I wouldn’t get to do his hair, but it’d be nice.

5 thoughts on “Girly girly girls

  1. Awww, that’s so precious it almost makes me want to make a baby……………………..ALMOST. ;D

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