Shoe shopping, me? Nooooo

Okay, maybe just a little bit ;) But give me some credit, they had a MASSIVE sale at the mall. So I got four new pairs of jandals. Which I DO need, for the summer :P And I got a good brand so that I would be able to wear them for a few summers. I don’t know if I’ll be near a NZ jandal store next year :P But no, they had buy-one-get-one-free on all jandals just for the night, so I got two and got two free. So I got pink, black, black and grey and purple. But they have patterns all over them and the black one has skulls, so I can be an emo jandal-basher.

Please tell me you know what jandals are…

Charlotte is only 19 months old and already she’s a size 6! So I had to buy her a new pair of sneakers (the whole point I went there) and I got these little small sketcher looking shoes, sooo cute. And she looks fab in them. And they are probably the most expensive shoes in the house. But it’s important she has well supported feet :P I still have this row in the cupboard of baby Adidas shoes -_- So cute.

And when I spent that much on shoes, what did I get? Any other pair in the store for $1 :o Oohhhhhh baby, I nearly wet my pants.

And look what I chose…


(crap, my jeans are all worn out and Charlotte has a dirty face)

Now THEY are hot. And you’re probably going “EWWW THEY ARE BROWN/BRONZE, AND MADE OF GLITTER”. I already own red shoes, I didn’t want red ones. I think the colour is awesome and they go really well with some of my skirts and look great with black skirts and black pants. They even look quite good with dark jeans. But I wear black with jeans, or white. I don’t know, it depends on how I feel.

I love my new shoes. They are a nice healthy 10cm tall. And comfortable, which is the key. The only weird thing is when I’m wearing shoes this high (and I’m wearing 4” black today), my work desk is only just above my knees when I stand…

Mum said they were cool, the girl at the store was jealous because I took the last pair in the size she wanted. She has 80 pairs and said working at a shoe store was pure hell! I couldn’t have agreed more. We had a good talk about all the things we have in common.

And when I got home Dave called me a whore wearing whore shoes… O_O

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