Riverside Drive walkings, ducklings and punk-arse kids

Charlotte and I went for a walk last night to where I used to live when I was in high school. Well, some of high school. I think I lived in about four different houses during my run at high school. Anyway, we went down to Riverside Drive and walked along Wyndrum Avenue. There are such nice houses there, flashy as feck.

There is a creek that runs along, and I though “Woohoo, we’ll see ducks”, because Charlie loves ducks. And sure enough we did. And we saw ducklings! So cute! -_-

That photo of Charlotte is SUCH a crack-up. I tried to get her to smile for the camera and I was grinning away and she obviously thought a smile was when you show your teeth of. It looks like she’s growling at me ;) Hahaha!

And about those punk-arse kids… We walked along Wyndrum Avenue to the Open Polytechnic and then turned around and came back. Only to find three young boys (approx 10 or ) right down by the creek throwing big rocks at the ducklings :O Charlie got upset and started crying. I yelled out “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, I’m going to throw some fucking rocks at you”, and then they ran away. I think those kids probably crapped themselves. I was going to beat them if caught them ;) You’d think young white rich kids would know better. Ugh, boys, so stoopid >_< But the ducklings seem to be okay. Charlotte got over it. And this cool black cat followed us up the road and over the bridge. He was such a cutie. We gave him lots of cuddles. And that was all of that! Hooray for sunny weather.

7 thoughts on “Riverside Drive walkings, ducklings and punk-arse kids

  1. Aww cute duckies .. aww cute charlotte .. aww cute kitty .. I woulda cuddled him tooooo .. cute cute cute. Except for those teenage boys throwing rocks, I’d fuckin kill those lil fuckers too if I would see that happening!

  2. Don’t you mean the photo was a real QWAUCK up? ;D Did you dine on cheese and QWUAKERS? ;D Okay, ’nuff duck jokes.
    Looks like a nice neighborhood, except for the brats-no self respect, no manners these days.

  3. Kids a freakin mental nowadays o_O But even the really bad black kids in my neighbourhood wouldn’t abuse any animals – they’d rob you at knifepoint and give you the fingers when you’re driving past, but not hurt an animal.

    I should have said “give you the bird” shouldn’t I? ;) or did you exhaust all the bird and duck jokes John :p

    We went to the park last night, so I’ve got some photos of me falling off the playground which I can put up o_O My mum takes the photos at the WORST possible time…

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