Exciting Relative Randomness

WOW. What a busy week at work this week. Talking about hosting environments, DR, EPiSERVER, geeky things, content management, Intranet projects, EDRMS’s. All that totally geeky work stuff. I think this morning is the first time that I have been able to just sit at my desk and do some REAL work. I have a meeting from 10am until 12.30pm though – wouldn’t you know ;)

Wooot, so sunny. I hope I’ll get to go out at lunch and go for a walk. I plan to take Charlotte to the beach after work, that will be fun :) Danged if I’m taking retard Burton though. Never taking them both for a walk again, he’s a complete dork. (So dorky that I bet The Cars are his favourite band).

Here’s a photo I took especially for Hexie:

I’m a bit boring today. I’m just relaxing. And thinking about all the cool stuff that’s going to happen next year, it’s approaching so fast :O So exciting -_- Can’t believe there is less than two months to Christmas, and then a new year. And a new set of exciting adventures. WOOHOOHOO!

6 thoughts on “Exciting Relative Randomness

  1. After they happen, or when? I plan to have some exciting adventures in the other 11 months when I’m not living over there at yours.

    Like.. teaching Charlotte to swim, riding my motorbike and shoe shopping. ;) ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.

  2. I like The Cars too, so I’m a dork? :D I suppose you think Dire Straits are dorky also. ;)
    By the way, I see The Body Shop in the background. So, what exactly IS body butter? :D

  3. It’s like.. butter for your body. All I know is I have about 5 different flavours and the papaya is the nicest, and the passionfruit smells really great. It makes your legs feel really nice and smooth after you’ve shaved.

    Lotions are just the best.

    Sooo good. Love Body Shop Body Butter -_-

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