4 thoughts on “Let’s save the Earth!

  1. Uhh…Oopsie, my bad, got an extinguisher on ya? :o
    For the record, I was probably way to old to be watching Captain Planet when it was aired. But I watched anyway *laughs*.
    I was around in the heyday of when Hannah-Barbera and Warner Brothers mostly owned Saturday morning cartoons. Scooby-Doo, Johnny Quest, The Fantastic 4, The Superfriends, The Banana Splits, Land of the Lost, The Alvin Show, Bullwinkle….I could go on, but I’ll spare y’all. To sum up…Yes, I’m an old geezer. :D :D :D

  2. I’m 45 with a 25 year old mind….okay, sometimes maybe not even 25. Born in May ’62. I was lucky enough to be around when game shows were popular and cartoon shows filled the weekday mornings and afternoons. I figure we’re only as old as we feel. So that puts it about anywhere from 16-80. :D

  3. That’s a hot age ;)

    Oh, my secret is out! Don’t worry, I’m the youngest one here, everyone else is older. I seem to have a thing for older men… /me looks at Oyn

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