Summer ’95, those were the days -_-

This is probably one of the most awesome photos that I own.

That’s Dave, Glen and myself.

Dave is Dave, yes, Charlottes father. Look at how short he used to be, he used to ask me out a lot and I always said no cos he was so short -_- HAHA. He’s taller than me now though. That’s my wonky hair and wearing my Fox motorcross racing top. (I used to braid my hair to make it curly, now it just does it on it’s own >_<) Glen was my boyfriend at the time, my first REAL boyfriend (if you get my meaning), and we were together for years and years through high school. It ended under very suspicious circumstances, but we still talk. He lives around the corner. Far out, we look so young. Glen was 16, Dave and I were 15. It was summer and I lived in Stokes Valley. We used to spend all our time bumming around the house and listening to loud music. Riding our BMX’s, motorbikes, talking about random crap. Innocence was bliss. I just had to write about this, it was an awesome moment. Summer of ’95 was one time I’d definitely go back to :)

4 thoughts on “Summer ’95, those were the days -_-

  1. I dont remember much of the summer of ’95. Just that it was my pre-internet age, playing on my 486 with Carmageddon and that I was listening to happy hardcore all day. I was 20 back then.

  2. Err.. carmageddon came out in 1997 :\ In 1995 I was 23 and working as a drafting contractor. Those were the days, back when I actually had money :p

  3. geez oyn ;) lets not get technical.

    a drafting contractor? what happened to all that potential?
    /me spanks Oyn

    its never too late, dont end up a skeleton at your pc (refer other post ;))

    < ./lecture>

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