Private posting?

Ok, so I figured out how to make private posts on this blog o_O

If you want access to read my deepest, darkest, scariest crap then you may request it, and I may decline you. Or you could just register for this blog here (somewhere) and I’ll give you access. Anyone can register here – how you do that I’m not sure…

Also, I have password protected private posts… So, ask me the password ;) (registering is kinda hard to do o_O)

So, a slow afternoon. There is a party/meeting thing tonight to do some more “Celebrating Success”. Which I think is also known as “Booze with the taxpayers money”. Meh, what you gonna do? I guess that’s the only perk we get. Seems a bit weird for a Tuesday, I guess public servants need it to get past Wednesday-Hump-Day. o_O

As in the hump in the middle of the week you need to cross over, not the public-service-orgy-humping day of the week. Random!

7 thoughts on “Private posting?

  1. Hmm….Reading Michelle’s deepest, darkest, scariest secrets. Should I be afraid? :D
    Hope the party/meeting thingie was enjoyable. I was always suspicious about company parties myself. :o

  2. I figured out how to register……Does that make me uber smart or something near to it? :D
    Kinda scary though, possibly seeing about what evil genius’ think……..My eyes :o

  3. Yeah, but it’ll mean you have high access to my blog, im trusting you not to edit my posts or delete my entire blog eh? ;)

  4. Wouldn’t even consider it. Besides, I’m sure you already have punuishments ready, just in case. :D

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