Boozy Taylor People

This is where it all started, that tendency to drink a lot. The first photo is my cousin Sussan stealing and drinking beer, the second is charlotte drinking someone else’s beer.

Yes, that’s me in the background (with severe bed hair) having a story read. I would have been about 4, so sussan would have been 2. And that is her mother (my Aunty Rae) going :o

Every other picture of me as a teenager my mother has contains me or my sister boozing it up. What a shocking family ;)

Isn’t it funny that the glasses are identical? o_O

4 thoughts on “Boozy Taylor People

  1. I wasnt into drinking until I hit 12 or so. First lil zips of beer from dad, later rum-cola, bacardi-cola and stuff like that. Now I just drink the occasional beers on friday or in the weekend, usually Hertog-Jan beer or Corona or any other mezzican beer. I’m not an alcoholic ;)

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