To the park!

We went to the park on Sunday, it was awesome. Charlotte went down the slide, some strange lady kept putting her down it. I also took her down the big slide, but my mum is pretty useless with my camera, so I didn’t get any good photos :( The last is Charlotte playing with her aunties.

Watch the video of Charlotte on the slide!

And some photos, because I love to take photos… The first is the little Lions train. This train has been going since I was a kid. I remember going on it when I was about seven years old. The rest are just some photos of the island fort (had one of my first real kisses there ;)) and feeding the ducks.

4 thoughts on “To the park!

  1. It’s cool that there are things like that from your childhood still lingering about, can’t say that about the US of A. It seems anything more than 20 years old must be torn down and replaced.
    Looks like Charlotte wore out her aunts. :D

  2. Hehe. And such young aunties too! She wore them out totally. But they did come back the next day for some more play!

    There is a lot of stuff missing from that park from when I was a child. It has all been replaced by new things. Which removes a lot of the fun memories.

    But the fort has been there as long as I have known it. I remember racing my sister to the top when I was 10. I remember kissing Anthony in the bottom level when I was 13. I remember hiding it in and drinking when I was 18. It’s an important fort ;)

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