A sunny Labour Day :o

It was so beautiful this Labour Day. That’s amazing because it ALWAYS rains on Labour Day. Needless to say we got the hell out of the house and went for a cruise with the cars. There were only two cars in this convoy but we still had a really good time. Ricky and his Supra (woot, went topless – the Supra, not Ricky) and we took the Mazda and our mulleted Neighbour Hayden.

We cruised around the Eastbourne Bays and went to the park. Then we came back down to the beach and just hung out and looked like a pack of bums. It was really hot, and it was nice for a change. Normally we freeze our arses off!

The cars went really well. That Supra totally pwns us, we finally met our match. I guess having an engine 2x the size with a hefty mother of a turbo on it kind of gives it an advantage.

I have some movies of us, but it has Hayden singing Bohemian Rhapsody, so erm.. ;) We’ll see about putting those on YouTube – HAHA! Woohoo!

Here’s a few photos, you can view the rest in the Picasa web album.

Wow, the wind is so strong out there that the barriers which were erected for the roadworks just blew over o_O and went up onto the digger they are using. I took some photos out the office window – never leave home without your camera! Trust me to leave home without my camera cable though eh, I’ll have to upload the photos when I get home.

3 thoughts on “A sunny Labour Day :o

  1. Um, er, WOW….Wouldja llook at the mullet on that dude? I mean just look at it…. :D :D :D
    ………..sorry, got carried away. Ban me if you like. ;)

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