I ran out of Up&Go! I looked in my fridge and they were all gone. I get the feeling certain people are drinking them cos they like strawberry flavoured milk! It’s not flavoured milk, it’s 2 weetbix with milk in a milkshake -_- WHAT? I went to the Santiarium site and there are two flavours I’ve not even heard of… I want banana & honey or mango and peach.. Well, maybe. Sounds funky o_O I will stick with my strawberry for now -_- and chocolate. My favourite is banana but they don’t make that in the bulk packs ;) I buy it in bulk. I’m not really allowed to have this for breakfast on my diet :P but during the week I can’t have cereal cos they have blue-top milk here at work and it makes me feel yucky -_- :o www.upandgo.co.nz! They have their own site! And it looks like Sanitarium finally got around to registering www.weetbix.com ;)

What else happened this morning? It’s only Friday! And I got on the bus and the young islander bus driver was driving again. I think he has a thing for me cos he always talks too much and holds up the line. And instead of charging me 4 section adult ($3.80) he charges me 3 section child ($1.40) -_- I told him to have a lovely long weekend I hope I see him next week – well I do, he’s saving me a fortune. And I didn’t start it, he started it! What a sweetheart he is though!

* bunnzy np: Planet Funk : Non Zero Sumness – the entire album on repeat. I finally found the CD to it too, it was sitting in my glove compartment of my car for the last 2 years. What a great album! :) Great driving album. I remember finding it at Real Groovy when I was working at Datacom and it was an expensive import, but I was MUST BUY THIS.

Oh, and to all you asshole bastards who leave moaning asshole comments on Bunny Abandonware because you’re fucktards – go fuck yourself. If you want to download a game which is NOT abandonware then you won’t find it, and abusing the shit out of me won’t change it. Go jump off a tall building and land on your useless mothers and kill them for me.

Cheerio! ;)

7 thoughts on “Whatamorning!

  1. So, other than all that, your day went O.K.? Oh, and about those who are leaving unpopular comments on your abandonware site; I have a friend, we call him Guido, he does things tpo people for money. ‘Nuff said. :D ;) Have a beautiful NZ springy weekend. It’s still trying to be summer over on this side of the globe. :O

  2. Hi John! :)

    I could back trace those pricks and get Guido onto them >:)

    The number of positive comments outweighs the negatives about 50:1, so I it’s not too bad :) But thanks for thinking of me ;)

    I will have a beautiful springy weekend. It’s a long weekend (YAY Labour Day) and will try and work on my tan without leaving my house. These LCD monitors and laptops just don’t tan as well. Doh!

    I’ll probably go out on my motocross bike – whee!

    *hugs John*
    Thanks for stopping by :) I’ll try and send you some sun!

  3. Planet Funk is awesome! I just dont like their latest album, its so completely different. Planet Funk old style is the best! (Non Zero Sumness and The Illogical Consequence)

  4. O.K. …………..I feel I MUST hold you responsible for…. >:(

    The beautiful weather this weekend. Both days were sunny and breezy with temps between 70°F – 75°F. :D :D ;) Looks like autumn (what the heck purpose does that silent ‘n’ serve?) is showing up in about two days. Snow to follow, I’m sure…………..time to ‘slide outa here…….

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